Endless Summer Days…Endless Outdoor Opportunities

“Summer is filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, and following your heart.” – Anonymous

So are you breaking the rules this summer? Are you following your heart? Maybe you’ve broken the piggy bank for your long-awaited trip out west for some excellent fly fishing. Or you decided family vacations with the words “waterpark” doesn’t translate to “being outdoors.” (Especially when that waterpark is indoors!)

We asked a few of our TV hosts what they are doing this summer. And we knew our co-workers have big plans up their sleeves, so we asked them, too.


Jake, Account Representative in Business Development at Sportsman Channel:

Every year, since about age fifteen, I have been going to Canada for a week to fish with the family.  Though the destination in Ontario may change from year to year based on the previous year’s fishing success, and while the time of year continually moves to warmer months (due to requests of a few aging anglers), I look forward to this trip where I drive 15-20 hours North to spend 7 days away from traffic, phones, email, texts, Facebook, electricity, and women.  Yes, on this trip only men are allowed – there is not a rule that women can’t go… however, 7 days of 6-8 guys eating meat, canned vegetables, and drinking chilled beverages will automatically dissuade women from attending.  Reconnecting with uncles, cousins, brothers, and sons, we tell stories, pull pranks, and generally act like adolescents at summer camp.  While based in fishing, this is the opportunity for the year to spot bald eagles, loons, black bear, moose, and listen to absolutely nothing but the lapping of water on the hull of an aluminum boat.  This is a tradition that I hope to continue on one day with my kids.

Jessy Printz – Marketing for Fly Rod Chronicles with Curtis Fleming

It’s not every day that you get to plan trips to the most beautiful places in the world to go fishing – oh wait – around here, yes it is!! Just today Curtis (host of Fly Rod Chronicles) is on day four of a five-day float in Montana accompanied by Project Healing Waters. Last week we were blessed with the opportunity to surprise Dustin Hotsinpiller, brother of U.S. Marshal, Derek, who gave his life serving his country, with a trip to Brazos River Ranch to honor his brother through their shared love of fly fishing. The trip will happen in a few weeks. Don’t forget to check out our new website at www.flyrodchronicles.tv Tight lines!

Ryan Nolan – Publicist at Sportsman Channel

It’s that time of year again for the Nolan family! Of course, “that time of the year” means it’s time for our annual summer trip to Lake Ripley in Cambridge, WI. For me, this weekend is about enjoying the outdoors with my family and friends on Lake Ripley. My wife’s side of the family has been coming to Cambridge for decades and thankfully I married into the family and this wonderful summer voyage! The list of activities includes swimming and fishing (maybe more!)!

Denis Isbister – Host, Wild Fish Wild Places

The Wild Fish Wild Places summer started with a trip to the “Emerald Isle” in early June. Episodes three through five (starting the week of July 11) will showcase our adventures throughout the Inland Waterways region of the Shannon River system and Northern Ireland chasing Pike and Ferox trout on Lough Erne. We met some wonderful characters, battled crazy weather and laded some great pike. The Wild Fish team is on the hunt again next week when Alan (co-host) comes over from Ireland, and we head to Central Oregon for some Lake Trout fishing on some of the most prolific waters in the west.

Dave Kadera – QC Supervisor at Sportsman Channel

It’s kind of a tradition where my wife and I take our “vacation” during the summer up to her grandparent’s cottage in Sugar Camp, WI, which is just north of Rhinelander. Her grandparents both enjoy fishing, one of the many things we all have in common. We put in food plots and tree stands go up on the hunting land if need be, and we spend a great deal of time on the water, either fishing off of the pier or the pontoon boat. Each trip usually includes a twilight targeting of crappies and a couple targeting of larger fish, but for the most part it’s a panfish vacation for my wife and me.

What are your plans for this summer? Fishing? Boating? And please no indoor waterpark stories! Or are you just pining away for bowhunting/rifle seasons?