Bownanza Bowhunting Tips Continued…

Below are more great bowhunting tips from the shows airing during Bownanza week. If you missed our other tips, click here to read the last post.

From Tim Roller of Tim Roller’s Wild Addiction:

My favorite technique for getting “bow close” to big, mature whitetails is the combination of rattling and decoying. To me, there is absolutely nothing like watching a big buck respond to the horns, run in to your decoy, and posture up! Over the years I’ve found there are a couple of key things to keep in mind when using this technique to be the most successful.

Tim Roller

1. Pay attention to your scent. Stay as scent free as you can, this goes especially for your decoy. Try to avoid touching your decoy with bare hands and always spray it down with Dead Down Wind’s Evolve 3D Field Spray after setting it up.

2. Pay attention to the position of your decoy. When using a buck decoy, you want to place the head of the decoy facing you. If you choose to use a doe decoy, place it facing away from you. Bucks will generally approach a buck decoy from the front, and a doe decoy from behind. I will place my decoy 20-25 yards from my stand, with the wind blowing from the decoy to me.

3. Make some noise. Don’t be shy when rattling, bang those antlers together. When I’m “blind” rattling (when there are no deer visible), I want to make sure I’m creating as loud of a fight as I can so I can reach bucks as far away as possible. When rattling to a visible buck, start soft and build in volume until you get a reaction.

4. Keep at it. I’ve found the best time in the Midwest for rattling in mature bucks is from roughly October 25th through December 10, with the peak being November 1-10. During this time frame, I’ll rattle every 20-30 minutes. Remember, this is the peak time of the year for mature bucks to be on their feet searching for does. In 20 minutes, you can have a buck in earshot of your rattling that was miles away the last time you rattled.

5. Have Confidence! This is as important as the other four. These techniques are incredibly effective, but the reality is, they don’t work every time. In fact, the percentage of deer I rattle in, compared to the number of rattling sequences I do, is probably pretty low. BUT…when it happens, it truly is magic. The first time you rattle in a big buck and put an arrow through him as he’s about to ram your decoy, you’ll be hooked for life! Keep at it and don’t give up… WILL happen!

Always wear your safety harness, and always carry your rattling antlers. Stay safe and best of luck this fall!

From Jeff Danker of Major League Bowhunter and Buckventures

Jeff Danker

Tip 1: Shooting with both eyes open…most beginners are taught to shoot a bow with one eye closed. I myself shot this way for many years. But the day I started shooting with both eyes open my shooting improved dramatically. At first come to full draw, find your anchor and your peep, then stare at your target never really looking at your sight. You will see your sight but continue to stare at your target and see the difference in your shooting.

Tip 2: A stand site is only as good as your access in and out. I truly believe the best way to kill big bucks on a consistent basis is to pick your access first. Figure out an access then pick a stand site. This keeps farms fresh and pressure to a minimum. Remember access out of a stand is just as important as into it. Big mature bucks are not deer…they are in a league of their own!