Bowhunting Tips from Bownanza Week

We asked the producers whose shows are airing during our “Bownanza” bowhunting marathon (presented by Cabela‘s) to provide viewers with some insights, or tips for this season.

From Mike Stroff of Savage Outdoors:

Mike Stroff at Savage Outdoors

To all you bowhunters just getting started out there, make sure to take the time to get your equipment set up where it fits you correctly to start! Once you have your gear set up right by your local pro-shop, spend the time shooting and preparing for your time in the field this fall. Make sure you have a good range finder to eliminate any yardage judging issues you may encounter. Good luck and shoot straight!

From Pete Alfano of Whitetail Properties:

I know everyone is busy with work, the family and everyday life, but every hunting season it’s easy to put off today what you think you’ll do tomorrow. What I mean by that is at least a month before season I’ll dig up every stitch of Scentlok, all my equipment and calls and lay everything out for inventory. Once I’ve taken my clothing inventory, I wash and dry to activate my Scentlok and store in multiple scent storage bags. These bags I have marked as shirts, pants and gloves/head nets. This way I have all of my early season up until bone-chilling cold clothes separated for easy removal in the dark at my fingertips and don’t have to dig around for a glove in the bottom of a sack. If you have just one suit, its simple wash and dry and store in one container.

Then, I move to my back pack that I hunt with every time I enter the field. I arrange my pack to keep the most important things at my fingertips. Before season, I’ll get into my pack randomly or even practice shooting arrows just to get my brain trained into my routine. That way, once I enter my tree stand I’m not wondering or guessing at the moment of truth. Hope this helps and be safe this fall.

From Michael Hunsucker of Heartland Bowhunter. (This is an excerpt about using the Midwest Haybale Blind.)

Mike's haybale blind

I was fortunate enough share a hunt with Dr. Grant Woods from After meeting Grant earlier (last) summer, we decided to try and get together on a hunt (for)fall. We were planning on doing something sometime in October, but it just some happened that Grant was able to stop by on his way to Kansas to see if we couldn’t shoot a couple does. The wind was perfect for the Midwest Haybale Blind that I put up only a few days ago, so we jumped in it and watched the deer start pouring into the field. We were COVERED in deer, including several nice bucks, but of course the does kept their distance. Read more here to learn if this style of blind worked for Mike!

From Tim Herald of The Zone:

If you are like me, you have been working hard all summer in preparation for the upcoming season. I have been in the gym getting in hunting shape, shooting my bows, tuning up my rifles, setting trail cams, and setting stands and blinds. For early season whitetail and elk hunts, I feel that success comes 90 percent from preparation and 10 percent from the actual hunt.

Tim Herald of The Zone suggests getting into hunting shape. Otherwise, you won't see this guy...

If you can’t make it up the mountain to where the elk are, you don’t have a chance. If you aren’t competent with your bow, you won’t make the crucial shot. For September whitetails, you better have them patterned through scouting and trail cams, if you want to be in the right position to take that early buck.

I recently returned from a fantastic safari in Mozambique where I took a great leopard, Cape buffalo and a few plains game species, but I had out Covert Special Ops trail cams that send me emails, and I could check them every day from Africa, so I could keep up what was going on in my home state of Kentucky. Technology is great!  We have started our season at The Zone with my August hunt, and James is in NWT hunting Dall sheep, moose and mountain caribou, but we are looking ahead at the fall to come. Our archery season just opened in Kentucky, and I am hoping that some of the summer’s prep work pays off with a  mature whitetail. I have a short window to hunt here before I head to New Mexico for an archery elk hunt. I want to wish all Sportsman Channel viewers the best in the coming season. Hunt hard and good luck!