Does Money Buy Big Bucks?

Guest post by Jeff Danker, co-host of Major League Bowhunter and Buckventures Outdoors.

Okay the question has came up time and time again…”Does money buy big deer?” My answer is yes! In many cases money does buy big deer. However, I believe it boils down to hard work buys big bucks! Money does help lease or buy really sweet spots…but again, it took hard work to get that money. I know several people who do not have much money, but have resources to get to hunt some prime ground. However, year after year they get labeled of “buying their deer.”

Jeff Danker, proud of his buck!

To even take it further, I know people who take a week off from work to go door to door trying to help farmers so they might gain permission to hunt. They’ve been successful getting rights to some prime ground.

I do not think people have to apologize because they have good ground to hunt. I have seen on several occasions hunters acquire some awesome hunting ground and not kill any big deer. I have seen them destroy hunting meccas because they have hunted them entirely wrong. Its not a magic potion you drink or even a shortcut you take to kill big bucks consistently…its just hard work and hunting the right way. Being careful, playing the wind on every sit and yes, occasionally getting lucky and having a deer of a lifetime walk in front of you.

In closing…I know this is a touchy subject and I want to close with this…In my opinion us hunters should be on the same team. We should be the first to congratulate fellow hunters when they bring a stud to the check-in station. We should defend those who get accused immediately of poaching instead of starting the rumors. Lets face it, we have enough people against us. We need to stand united as a group and be happy that another monster hit the ground.

Until next time, I am Jeff Danker and Remember as We always say, “Shoot By Sight*Walk By Faith”