Hog Hunting – Great for Beginners and Experts Alike

Guest Post by Steve Richey – co-host of Hunting Freaks. Tune in Fridays at 3:30 pm, Saturdays at 10:30 am and Mondays at 1:30 am. Follow the Freaks on Twitter at twitter.com/huntingfreaktv

The popularity of hog hunting has exploded almost as much as the hog population, and when writing an article like this there are absolutely a million different directions I could take.  I could write about how hogs have poor vision and with the right wind you could stalk right up on them, or how to find them in the woods and know exactly how big the biggest one is.  But I thought I would take a little bit different route with this particular post.

Hog Damage to a trail in Florida. Photo by B A Bowen Photography

My biggest goal in this outdoor television adventure is to get more people who have never hunted into the woods and enjoying our sport.  It’s one thing to preach to the choir, in this article you’re the choir, but I think we can all start a new church.  In this new church, we invite people who have never gone hunting before, we let them borrow our gear, and we teach them about the outdoors.  We should understand that less and less people are growing up in homes where hunting isn’t even talked about,  let alone lived out and enjoyed.  That means it’s up to you and me!

Here in Texas I’ve taken countless of new people hunting for hogs since they run rampant through our farms and even neighborhoods.  Being that hogs are such a problem I’m able to share with these new hunters concepts like sustainable land, reproduction rates, rubs, sign, trail cameras, and most importantly programs like Sportsman Channel’s Hunt.Fish.Feed!  People new to the sport are blown away when they find out how much hunters like you and I do for homeless and hungry, the environment, and the animals themselves.

A Javelina crossing the road in Arizona. Photo by Alan Vernon

Hog hunting is the best way to introduce a new hunter to hunting.  There’s no season, in most states, and there’s no limit to end a hunt earlier than you want. Best of all if this new person you’ve invited blows an opportunity at a shot…no big deal, it’s a pig hunt.  I really believe that this theory holds true especially for new bowhunters.    A new hunter can practice all you want on any type of target but there’s no replicating that rush of emotions and adrenaline when that animal walks out.  Pig hunting allows this new hunter to practice shooting at an animal that requires a skill set of hunting knowledge and it closes the disconnect people have by putting meat in their freezer and even feeding the needy.

Cooking Carnitas at a HuntFishFeed event in San Antonio. Yes, the hog was donated!

When you take a new hunter hunting give up your hunt, sit in the stand with them and be there to teach them and talk to them about the outdoors.  The generation before us were great when it came to doing this but it’s the next generation of non-hunters that doesn’t have a dad even around the house to take them hunting.  We are fortunate enough to enjoy one of the best sports in the world, share it. Now go shoot some hogs!