Torture Test, Sooner Style

Some called it the torture test. Others referred to it as the ultimate shooting test. For three days, nearly 88,000 rounds of ammo were fired from twelve Vinci shotguns during a media-blitz “Torture Test” in Argentina. The press generated from this event dominated the press as story after story of the blazing hot Benelli Vinci began appearing in countless magazines, blogs, photos and newswires.

Finally, it was my turn as I found myself embarking on turkey hunt in Oklahoma with Cristi Gates of Benelli and the pros at Hunter Specialties. The small cowboy town of Sayre, Oklahoma is thousands of miles north of the dove filled skies of Argentina, but there was still plenty of game for the Vinci to take aim at on nearly 24,000 acres of Rut and Strut Outfitters.

Six turkey hunters, a bumper crop of Rio Grande turkeys, an ample supply of ammo, and a Vinci for everyone had the makings of our own style of torture test, Sooner State Style.

The first noticeable difference about the Vinci is the quick change recoil pad system. As every shooter knows; if it don’t fit, you can’t hit and because I am a left handed, short pull shooter, I have issues with gun fit. One twist and the recoil pad easily changed to accommodate a leftie or shorter length of pull.

Besides the ease of changing the recoil pad, there are a several things that set the Vinci apart from other semi-auto shotguns. First, the Vinci is lighter than most, weighing only 6.9 pounds. Because of its advanced ergonomics, the Vinci offers flawless gun movement. And with fewer moving parts, this equals less hassle, less cleaning and more shooting. An added bonus is the Quadra Fit TM buttstock module, making this gun easy to shoulder and with the uber-comfortable Comfort-Tech TM recoil system combined with the in-line inertia driven action, this gun is not only lightening fast but a blast to shoot. You simply forget you are shooting a 12 gauge.

But what really matters is how the gun performs in the field. Rick White, pro staffer for Hunter Specialties guided me as we chased bird number two. When you hunt with Rick, a 10 time Iowa State Calling Champion it is just a matter of time before you’re given a shot opportunity so you and your equipment better be ready.

Thanks to Rick’s champion calling skills, I soon tagged my second Sooner State gobbler. I emptied my remaining shells along with handful of dirt; obviously the excessive dirt in the Vinci barrel did not cause any issues. Ideally you should always have a clean gun, but real in-the-field hunting situations it is not always possible to do so.

Lisa Metheny with a double for the day!

Perhaps Leonardo Da Vinci, master artist, innovative thinker and the namesake of the gun said it best, “simplicity is the highest form of sophistication.” Benelli has created a shotgun that is simple, hassle-free and fun to shoot.

From the fertile farm fields of South America to the target rich Oklahoma grounds the Benelli Vinci really doesn’t need any slick marketing campaign to convince serious shooters this gun is worth its weight in gold and is well on its way to the front of the gun safe.

Guest Blog post and photos by Lisa Metheny of Outdoor Inspirations.