An Introduction to MeatEater by Steven Rinella

MeatEater with Steven Rinella premieres January 1st at 9 pm E/P. Steven will be sharing behind-the-scenes stories as well as his best recipes throughout the series on this blog.

For the past few months, I’ve been in the woods and mountains filming for my new series on Sportsman Channel. The show is called MeatEater, a title that I chose because it’s gritty and vivid and unapologetic. It’s a title that steps outside and howls to the moon and announces itself loud and clear: “I’m a hunter; this is how I live; this is how I eat.”

You’ll find that the contents of each episode are as bold—and sometimes bolder—than the title itself. MeatEater is a show about real and hardcore hunting – the kind of hunting where you willfully accept the dangers and challenges of wilderness in order to secure the wild bounty that has sustained humans for tens of thousands of years. While these hunts will take you to some of the wildest corners of North America, from the deserts of Arizona to the mountains of California to the coastal rainforests of southeast Alaska to the frozen landscapes of the sub-Arctic’s boreal forest, they’ll also introduce you to some of the wildest tasting foods that you’ve ever seen. I’m talking about coues deer heart wrapped in the animal’s own abdominal lining and cooked in the field over a stone hearth; cubed black bear meat deep-fried in rendered bear oil; mallard ducks, spatchcocked and spit-roasted over a fire of black spruce; mule deer stew simmered in melted snow; and scalded and scraped javelina cooked through an ingenous method that I learned from Amerindian hunters in the South American jungle.

A Young Rinella Getting Started in the Outdoors

By combining these two things—killer hunts and killer food—MeatEater manages to be groundbreaking by doing something as simple as paying homage to man’s original lifestyle. It’s a show for people who like knowing where their food comes from; it’s a show for hunters who dream about visiting the far side of the mountain; it’s a show for people who like to be surprised; it’s a show for anyone brave enough to witness the reality of what it takes for us to survive.

I hope you tune in. I promise: you will enjoy every second.

  • Marty Aldinger

    I just wish I had the sportsman channel. Loved your show on the travel channel, but will keep posted on Facebook. You do a great job of marketing as I have taken your advice on several products and have not been disapointed.

  • Tim Valentine

    It’s nice to see the story continue! I was a fan of ” The Wild Within” but I’m even more excited for this new endeavour. As an outdoorsmen who enjoys the culinary aspects of wild game as much as the achievement of a clean an ethical harvest I can’t wait to see what you bring to the fire!!!!

  • Steven COffey

    I have been a big fan of yours since i first saw the wild within. I cant wait to see this new show. I has really inspired me to want to hunt more and try to feed my family with nothing but wild game that i have killed myself. I hope that one day that i am able to get the chance to hunt in more remote areas, to get the full feeling of nature and the hunt.

  • Tom Ham

    Cannot wait for the show!!!! i need the sportsmans channel i guess….don’t have it. Sounds like you’re going full throttle Steve, i’m psyched!

  • Trackerdex

    Looking forward to the show, Steven! The previous series was great, Alberta, Hawaii…you proved you got what it takes.

  • Jim


  • abdul mumin

    where can i legally watch or buy the THE WILD WITHIN series? I have searched everything on earth and no joy, Even emailed Steve.
    Anyone help ? email me if you can
    Thanks and can’t wait.

    • admin

      Abdul – First, I like your use of “legally” and second, we are not available on the internet…yet. We are working on this and hope to be available soon! Thanks for your patience.

  • Sahil

    So looking forward to this show and what Steven Rinella plans to do with it. After Scavenger’s Guide and Wild Within, it should be even more inspiring.

  • Jey Yates

    The Wild Within was great. I am sure this will be even better. I am a big fan and really looking forward to the new show. Is there another Lewis and Clark expedition? The series before was awesome.

  • Matt

    When I realized that a second season of “The Wild Within” just wasn’t going to happen, I was crushed. My new found favorite TV show was pulled out from under me…but as soon as heard about the new show (on a more hunting friendly channel) I knew that it would as good, if not better, than “The Wild Within”. I’m looking forward to it….now I just have to figure out how to subscribe to the Sportsmans Channel.

    • admin

      Matt – use our zip code locator in the upper right hand corner of our website and plug in your zip. It will tell who offers us in your area. And we are always available on Dish, DIRECTV and Sky Angel. Thanks for the comment

      • Matt

        Thanks for the tip Mr Admin. I just subscribed to the Outdoor Sports package on my Dish Network account for only $3/month. I have DVR set to record all the Meat Eaters episodes now.

  • James Lipinski

    Well done sportsmans channel

  • Rick Barton

    Very cool. I liked the last show, but this one sounds even better.

    I’m sure this will drive the anti’s even crazier, gotta love that.

  • Damen

    Im so excited about this show…im freakin out. Everyday I try to add it to my DVR list but its to far away. I cant wait.

  • Doc Bretz

    I’m looking forward to the show Steve. Really enjoyed the Travel Channel bit and can’t wait to see what you get to do with Sportsman Channel. Will probably miss the first few episodes and have to DVR them because hunting seasons don’t end for me until the 20th of January.

  • lee

    Steve is the man!! I love your philosophy , you are a true hunter, a fit hunter, your passion inspires me. I cant wait to watch.

  • tom brantner

    I am a recent convert to hunting at a relatively older age 58. Have not been very successful thus far in Deer hunting and coyote hunting but after watching Steve’s show on the travel channell I want to do nothing but hunting, And eating , utilizing anything that I kill.

  • Melissa Albertson

    I agree with all … Wild Within was awesome, something our entire family (me, my husband, daughter 4 and son 7) looked forward to each week. Was thrilled to hear of this new show. Have shared with many so I hope your viewership is great to keep more episodes coming.

  • Pete Gaimari

    I just watched your show Steve. It’s about time we have a real hunting show. I’ll watch every show from now on. Great job!

    From one meat eater to another. Keep up the good work.


  • Jay Quintana

    I really enjoyed The Wild Within. If I had the this channel, I would watch the show. Any chance it’ll be made available online?

    • admin

      Jay- we are working with providers for online content for the future. We are available on satellite, telco and cable operators across the country.

  • Joe cirilo

    Really enjoyed your show wild within.
    Just watched ur black tail hunt in Alaska. Wish u had an hr show. True way of hunting. Thanks joe from ohio.

  • Merle

    Loved your first show. Finally a show about the real reason to hunt, instead of all the shows chasing antlers, men hiding in trees, trophy mounts, and taxidermy. My trophy deer is a 2 year old doe who did not have a fawn and has 3 inches of back fat. I eat everything I kill and I love it! Keep up the good work.

  • Dan Hartman

    We missed the first episode of your new show but we’ll be ready for # 2. My wife and I really liked “The Wild Within”. Best of luck with this one.

  • Andrew Richter

    Great first show on Black Tail hunt in Alaska,very well done,hope to see more of your hunts and great info.

  • james reinert

    I thought that in Alaska flying and taking a deer on the same day was NOT legal. On the first show Steven shot a Buck on the same day he was dropped. Thoughts? Otherwise the show was great.

  • erron brown

    seen show 1 time hooked somebody doing it real “do not change that” only tune in a couple shows now i heard a”pro hunter” say they have to bait in TX cause its to thick no way reason they need to get a buck in 3 days for a show So stay real steve


    MeatEater is the best hunting show I have seen in a long time. The other shows just dont have it. They all sound and look the same. Dont change a thing. The other hunting shows seem so fake with 50 bucks standing in front of them.I hunt in the real world.

  • Joe rivas

    Being an avid Idaho hunter, this has to be one of the best shows ever. I don’t see any “hollywood scenes” If you are hunter, this is a must see show! Steven, come hunt high country elk with me, I promise you an old fashion hard hunt! The way it was meant be. Keep up the good work!

  • MARK F

    Finally , something unique and fresh to watch , this show represents true hunt drama,experiance, and raw weather and environment that rarely seems to stop him..don’t miss this show !

  • Dan Menko

    Watched Meat Eater today and really enjoyed the show. It’s to me what hunting is all about. Looking forward to watching for many years to come.

  • Conrad

    This is excellent. I wish I had a TV. I only wish the host would not be so scared of fat when it is after-all very very healthy and does not cause heart disease. Please look up Gary Taubes to confirm this.

  • ralph witt

    steve, if you ever decide on having two guests on your show my son and i are your biggest fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Todd S.

    I have never heard Steve say he was afraid of fat. In fact, its been quite the contrary, both vocally and physically. Have you seen some of the meals that he cooks? Watch the episode where he kills the bear in Alaska……he cooked the meat in LARD.

  • jeff h.

    like the show alot hope to see one in michigan

    • Chris

      Not many woman are interested in huntnig, but those who are, make excellent hunters.They learn quick, can shoot as well and as straight as any man.Any male hunter that is worth his salt, knows this and respects it.The male is physically stronger by nature than the female, but the female makes up in other departments such as concentration stealth and willpower.They might use lighter guns and bows than men, but make up for that by being extremely accurate and skill full.We accept them as hunters , although it is not traditionally a woman’s sport or fancy, just like they accept us in the kitchen should we be good at cooking.-B

    • Dora

      you’ve never seen a coyote climb over a fence? the deer that cooyets kill ARE my live stock! so thats why we kill them so they dond kill the deer we hunt (TO EAT)!I like having more deer in the woods dont you? let me ask you this,why wouldnt you coyote hunt???you dont let rats run around your house eating all your food do you? you’d set traps to kill them I’m betting that you dont eat them iether. why would cooyets be any different? the forest is my home the deer is my food.

  • john mcsp

    hi steve i saw your show on coues deer hunting and firstly want you to pronounce the deer right it is cows deer.every hunting show does it its sad that none of these shows get it that were good the next time you want to come to az to cows deer hunt i would really like to help you find a monster i have shot several 100 inch plus bucks out in az as i have hunted them for 45 years.
    that two point was a nice little buck and very nice yopu shot a wonded come on write me and i will tell you which unit to put in for this year and you can by them over the counter after draw is held .

    chief whitetail hunter

    • Youssef

      I am 1000% in favor of women hunting and sioothng, any time any place you wont to talk hunting you can talk to me.We have women game wardens here in Oklahoma and the one that I bump in to with her side arm on , she so hot she never haves to walk on wet ground it dry to quick as this lady approach.Ladies and guns do mix.I look at it like this, if you’re a hunter you cant be against hunting true!Hunting and Reloading for more years then I wish to count, and still going.

      • Eulan

        While I would always like to hunt with a patenrr, the truth is I do hunt alone regularly as most people don’t have the patience to do some of the hunting I do. I have a flexible work schedule too, so if I want to go on Tuesday morning it’s kinda hard to find someone. I always carry a sidearm with me, hunting or even hiking. I have run across some unsavory characters in the wild, particularly near the border and while there have been no incidents it’s always good to be prepared. If you know how to handle yourself, go for it. Just make sure someone knows where you are and if the cell phone works there, carry it. Hope your Dad gets better.(When my wife comes out to hunt with me she usually bundles up so much in her overalls, jacket, hat and stuff that it totally disguises her female form. We’ve encountered other groups of hunters that didn’t know she was a girl until she spoke. OK, she’s going to kill me for sharing this, lol.)

    • Desu

      the forest is thier home and the deer is also thier food .id kill a rat in my house but if i see one in the woods id let it be. ive seen yotes take far more rabtibs and birds than i have deer. i wouldnt coyote hunt all the time taking a large number of them. unless i was going to eat them. dont kill it if your not gonna eat it thats how most normal hunters were raised.i shoot squirrels i eat squirrelsi shoot duck i eat duckif i was to shoot a yote .. id eat a yote

  • Ray Holt , Tennessee

    I love the Meat Eater show. It has no fancy stuff , which I like. I can picture myself doing the same thing. You seem like any ordinary guy. I love the whole concept of the show. Keep up the good work. Don’t change any thing.

    • admin

      Thanks Ray – we appreciate the feedback!

  • Toby D. Janowitz

    I like your show! except they’re already in reruns. I enjoy that you get out in the back country and really stalk your game. At some point you should do a similar theme as the show you did in South America on wild within. Having a local tribesman show you how to make a bow from scratch string and all. Then take it bow fishing or hunting small game. Even with pushed shot and loss game that was a great episode. Like you, I like to learn how the tribesman hunted to try and improve my knowledge. Enjoy the new season.