An Introduction to MeatEater by Steven Rinella

MeatEater with Steven Rinella premieres January 1st at 9 pm E/P. Steven will be sharing behind-the-scenes stories as well as his best recipes throughout the series on this blog.

For the past few months, I’ve been in the woods and mountains filming for my new series on Sportsman Channel. The show is called MeatEater, a title that I chose because it’s gritty and vivid and unapologetic. It’s a title that steps outside and howls to the moon and announces itself loud and clear: “I’m a hunter; this is how I live; this is how I eat.”

You’ll find that the contents of each episode are as bold—and sometimes bolder—than the title itself. MeatEater is a show about real and hardcore hunting – the kind of hunting where you willfully accept the dangers and challenges of wilderness in order to secure the wild bounty that has sustained humans for tens of thousands of years. While these hunts will take you to some of the wildest corners of North America, from the deserts of Arizona to the mountains of California to the coastal rainforests of southeast Alaska to the frozen landscapes of the sub-Arctic’s boreal forest, they’ll also introduce you to some of the wildest tasting foods that you’ve ever seen. I’m talking about coues deer heart wrapped in the animal’s own abdominal lining and cooked in the field over a stone hearth; cubed black bear meat deep-fried in rendered bear oil; mallard ducks, spatchcocked and spit-roasted over a fire of black spruce; mule deer stew simmered in melted snow; and scalded and scraped javelina cooked through an ingenous method that I learned from Amerindian hunters in the South American jungle.

A Young Rinella Getting Started in the Outdoors

By combining these two things—killer hunts and killer food—MeatEater manages to be groundbreaking by doing something as simple as paying homage to man’s original lifestyle. It’s a show for people who like knowing where their food comes from; it’s a show for hunters who dream about visiting the far side of the mountain; it’s a show for people who like to be surprised; it’s a show for anyone brave enough to witness the reality of what it takes for us to survive.

I hope you tune in. I promise: you will enjoy every second.


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