Top of the World

Guest post by Chris Keefer, half of the two-man (and brothers) team who spent 28 days in Alaska as part of Dropped:Project Alaska. Watch the episode Chris is referring to in this post this Tuesday night at 9 pm E/P.

I have to say that I will never forget the feeling that I had on top of that mountain that day after “Maniac” was down.  Being there and sharing it with my brother was a little icing on the cake.

Many people have asked, “Why did only one of you have a weapon?” The answer to that is simple: Casey had spotted that particular Caribou and had watched him for three days prior.  So it seemed only fitting when we decided to go for him that he take the weapon and be the one to bring down that caribou and get us some food. Not to mention that it was my nephew Ryder’s first birthday and if Casey was going to miss that, he should have a lasting memory of knocking down such a memorable animal on his son’s birthday.  I will never forget that day and the emotion that we both had a true sense of accomplishment and true sense of bonding.

Once that animal was down and the aderenaline started wearing off, we realized the work was only beginning. A storm was rolling in and it was time to start working on this amazing animal.  After caping it and packing up all the meat to get down off the mountain, we had just enough time to snap a quick picture of being on “Top of the World.” This will be a everlasting memory for us both and one I’m sure his son Ryder will soon realize was a great day for both his dad and his uncle.