A Rinella Recipe: Grilled Venison Loin

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First you want to light your charcoal and or heat up your propane grill. I like a very hot flame for cooking this dish, as I want the meat crispy and done on the outside while the inside is still very pink. While I used a loin from a blacktail deer on the show, just about any game loin will work. With the grill heating up, trim the loin of all sinews and silver skin. A sharp knife is highly preferable for this; I have best luck using a razor sharp fillet knife. Because game meat is generally fairly lean, I first like to brush the loin in olive oil, refined peanut oil, or corn oil. Then I roll the oiled loin in a dry rub, giving it a thorough coating. There are many great dry rubs on the market; just make sure yours isn’t too salty. I particularly like the low-sodium rubs put out by Mansmith’s Gourmet.

Photo credit: Zero Point Zero

When the grill is hot, lay the loin over the center of the grill. You want the loin to get a good crisp, but don’t let it burn on the outside. I should really only take five minutes or so per side. If you need to, test it with a thermometer and pull it off when the center hits 145 or 150. Let it cool for ten minutes before you slice it. Serve in 1/4-inch slices. You’ll be smiling.

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