Sportsman’s Summer Vacations

Summer is finally here. The months of scorching temperatures, kids being home from school and county fairs are finally back – and they are the high fence we peer over anticipating the upcoming hunting season.

I often refer to these times as “the summer blues”.  Three months that separates me from my passion for waterfowl hunting.  But this summer, I have decided to break down this barrier, taking full advantage of the many activities those months of eagerness have to offer.

Sportsman's Cove Lodge

Sportsman’s Cove Lodge – Steve Rinella’s pick for his top summer destination!

It’s good to note that I am not alone in the endeavor.  Our show hosts and producers also have their favorite summer getaways.  Whether they happen to be filming a new fishing episode, or relaxing with the family, they truly know which establishments across North America will ensure a good time.

That is why we have put together a web page dedicated to the Top Sportsman Summer Destinations.  Show hosts like Steven Rinella, Pig Man and Haley Heath have collaborated to come up with a list of their favorite summer destinations for hunting, fishing and shooting sports.  Every location offers superior amenities and quality outdoor recreation that is sure to please even the pickiest of sportsmen.  Would an honest blue-collar guy like Pig Man ever steer anybody wrong?  I don’t think so!

Cameron Pauli – Sportsman Channel Staff


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