Fine Tuning Your Bowhunting Skills

Well just like that its the start of a brand new year. When deer season ends most of the time I am glad for a week or so just to take some time off to recuperate. Worn out and tired and just glad I do not have to get up at 4am the next morning. But this doesn’t last long…And then I begin wishing it was here again.!

The process starts all over again. I start with all my post season scouting, shed hunting and then before long its food plots, hanging sets and long range observation. Which are very vital in my opinion in killing big mature bucks year after year- but that is not my focal point in this blog.

Jeff Draws on a Big Southern Whitetail

Over the years I have killed some giant bucks but I have missed some giant bucks as well. Preparation for the shot of a lifetime needs to be taken very seriously. The feeling in my stomach when I miss my mark after finally getting the opportunity at a big mature animal is about the worst feeling I can describe!! Lets face it…A hunter may only get a few chances in his or her lifetime to kill something really big.

I am about to go into the way I prepare for that critical bow shot of a lifetime that sneaks up on you while you are sitting in that tree and comes down to one thing…”Are you prepared”?

First things first: I begin each year by making sure my bow is sighted in perfectly. I shoot from 5 yards to 80 yards over and over and over! I am not only practicing my form and muscle repetition but I am preparing my mind to know exactly what my bow does at 5 yards to 80 yards. (Example: Most hunters will practice from usually 20 yards and beyond. This doesn’t prepare you when you get a shot at 8 yards. A persons mind will not have the same confidence because they have no idea what his or her bow is about to do at 8 yards.)

Elevation: (Starting around August 1) Okay now I put up a tree stand in my backyard. I now start the process over again. Shooting from 5 to 80 yards with my exact setup in tact. This means my Lumenok, SwitchBlade broadheads etc etc. I shoot sitting down, standing up, and slightly bent over. Basically every shot from the tree I can imagine.

Season Begins: In years past I have made some huge mistakes. Maybe the biggest is just hunting. I begin my season and 3 weeks goes by without a shot being presented and so therefore I have not shot my bow in 3 weeks time. Now muscle repetition is somewhat gone, my confidence is forgotten in my mind. How to fix this is simple…Shoot Your Bow!!

Probably the biggest thing to do as a hunter is to Shoot does. I shoot at least 6 to 7 does per year. This does 2 things: It helps me manage my farm by keeping my doe to buck ratio in check but probably the biggest thing is: It puts me under pressure to make a perfect shot at a live animal. This will build confidence in every hunters mind!! It also puts another notch in your experience level.

Jeff’s facial expression after he realizes he missed!

Buck Fever: Buck Fever can creep up on any of us at any given time. Basically in my mind what Buck Fever is…Not being confident! Its usually caused by doubt. I promise if a BowHunter takes the steps listed above he or she will have that confidence at crunch time  and gives us a much better chance of hitting our mark when that critical time comes. This comes from my experiences in the field over the last 25 years and has made me a much better closer in the field!!

Thanks to Everyone and Remember our Motto: “Never Stop Learning”!

Shoot By Sight Walk By Faith! God Bless you all!!