The Seven Minute Buck

Today’s blog post comes from Woody Sullivan of the Backwoods Life  You can follow them on Twitter or find them on Facebook.

The last morning of the hunt in Kansas was a crisp and beautiful morning, Kevin and I had gone out a couple days prior to hunting this area to scout.  We found an area where the deer were traveling between two larges fields and decided to hang our stands.

While preparing to climb the tree that morning, about 30 to 45 yards to my right we heard some deer activity. We heard deer fighting and snort wheezing. This lasted for about three/four minutes and then the one dominant buck broke off, and headed though the tree’s to where I was standing.  He was within twenty yards of me and snort wheezed at me.  I’m standing at the bottom of the tree going “whoa!” Kevin is up in the tree laughing and thinking I’m about to get attacked. The buck was so close you could see the outline of him in the pre-dawn light. After a few minutes the buck walked off in the same direction he came from.

So we had a pretty eventful start to our morning! We finally get set up in the tree and as the sun starts to rise, a number of smaller bucks and does walked through the area. This was our last morning hunting in Kansas as we were heading to Nebraska that evening hunting with TDT Outfitters. As the morning progressed on things slowed down. It was close to nine o’clock as I got a phone call about a problem at work which distracted me from the hunt. I needed to make several phone calls, which you know while hunting it’s not productive to be talking on the cell phone in the tree. I was more worried about getting out the tree, and solving the problem so I looked over to Kevin and said “if you are ready to get out of here, I’m ready to roll, let’s get packed up and head to Nebraska, so I can make a couple phone calls.” Kevin looked down at me and said “Look dude, let’s just wait until 9:15” at the time it was 9:08AM. “If nothing’s happening at 9:15, we will start easing out of here, pack up, lower our gear, and break our stands down to get out of here.”

As I was standing there, talking to Kevin, I already took my face mask and gloves off. Kevin and I have this agreement that we never joke about seeing a shooter buck, and next thing I knew, Kevin is pointing behind me, saying “Shooter buck, shooter buck, shooter buck!” And as I’m turning around, I pick my bow up off the hanger. Then clipped my release, drew back the bow, and sure enough there was a buck coming in.  He had already been working his way in, by this time he was really in close. We had just enough time to turn the camera and Kevin told me, he was on it and recording. I already had the buck in my sights as he was already right under the tree. It was a straight down shot and I was fortunate enough to hit him right in the spine. The buck dropped in his tracks! I couldn’t believe it! I had shot the buck at 9:15AM so only seven minutes had passed! This is how we named it the seven-minute buck.

Woody Sullivan

Woody and his 7 minute buck

So many times you hear about the last day, the last minute of the hunt, and you harvest your animal, that seems to be mine and Kevin’s trend this year. The same thing happened in Nebraska with his Mule Deer on the last evening!




Getting back to the seven-minute buck, he scored a bit over 125 inches, and he was the largest buck I had killed to date with my bow and it was the first buck that I was able to harvest on camera as a new host and owner of Backwoods Life TV. I really appreciate Kevin telling me to take a couple extra minutes in the stand, if we got out of the stand when I wanted to I would have never had the chance.  The moral of this story is to always take that few extra minutes to look around and relax.  When you don’t think it’s going to happen. It very well could!

Gear Used:

Elite Archery Pulse

Muzzy Phantom

Gameplan Gear Sling Shot

Easton Arrows

X Factor stabilizer and silencing system

Scott Release

Spot Hogg Sight

Bohning Blazer Vanes and Quiver

Hunter Safety System in Realtree

Lethal Scent Elimination

Muzzy Bowhunter Setup Attractant

Lacrosse Boots