Main Beams

Today’s blog post comes to us from Kenneth Lancaster – host of Anter Insanity

There’s nothing like hunting one deer and finally closing the coffin.  Dean Davis and I bow hunted Kansas this year during the rut.  We swap up videoing each other on a lot of trips for Antler Insanity and sometimes it’s hard to decide who shoots first.  So on this trip we decided to swap up every other day which made it interesting.  The problem though was that we had a picture of a deer we both wanted to shoot.

We ended up naming this particular buck Main Beams.  I started out the first day and didn’t see the deer. So Dean was up the next day. At daylight we had a big deer walking straight to us. We were both straining to see if it was Main Beams but it wasn’t but  the good news is it was a shooter and Dean made a great shot on a 150 plus Kansas buck. Well now it leaves me 5 days to hunt Main Beams. On the third day we had an encounter with him but did not have a shot. 3 more days past and we thought he was gone. No sign of him. We decided on our last afternoon that we would pull all out sets but one and hunt it till dark and pack up and head home.

We walked into our set at about 2:30 PM on that final afternoon.  Just as Dean got the camera on the arm I looked up and 100 yards down the draw and walking straight to us was non other than Main Beam.  We couldn’t believe it.  5 minutes later he was broadside at 17 yards and thru all my shaking I was able to pull off the shot.  30 minutes later I had my hands on Main Beams!!! My biggest bow kill ever!!!

Kenneth Lancaster and Main Beams

Thanks for reading – Kenneth Lancaster