Chasing a Turkey Slam Reveals a True Miracle

Spring Chronicles

By: Jason Cruise

Try telling The Zone’s Tim Herald that miracles do not happen every day, and he’ll simply pull out his iPhone, show you his two boys, and ask you a simple question, “Then how do you explain this?” 

Tim enjoys time spent in the field with one of his sons.

I first met Tim over ten years ago as he was helping Under Armor navigate the marketplace of the outdoor industry. Tim was literally on the front end of all the media work with UA as they were finding a footing with outdoorsmen.

In 2010 I had been working with Heart of a Sportsman out of North Carolina to edit and produce The Record Book, a celebrity-driven, faith-based DVD project that was full of monster whitetails along with the backstories of men like Will Primos, David Blanton, Hank Parker, Jr., David Hale, Bill Winke, David Morris, and Tim Herald. Blanton and I hosted the segments, and Tim had a hunt on this project with Bill Winke in Iowa.

Every time we’ve produced one of these celebrity DVDs, it seems that somehow a story rises to the top, a sleeper of sorts, one that ends up stealing the show, not because we intended it that way, but because viewer feedback is so strong and we realize that for whatever reason, that story just stood out. Which, by the way, is incredibly difficult when you factor in all the amazing stories found in a project such as The Record Book. Tim’s story was that very one … the one that stole the show. We had an incredible amount of feedback from people telling us how moved they were by the raw gravity of what happened to Tim and his wife Alka a few years ago.

Tim and I are great friends, and we are both dads who have two boys, each of which we tuck in bed at night. Looking into his eyes as he shared the backdrop of those 9 months in the Herald family was almost too much to take because it was far too close to home.

On this hunt you’ll see him shaft a tom in the bluegrass state. The irony is this: the hunt goes down in the middle of thunderstorms and pouring rain. What a perfect context to talk about a time in the life of Tim and Alva Herald when “the rains came … and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall because it had it’s foundation on the rock.”

Jason Cruise is the founder of Mission Media & Resource Group and host of Spring Chronicles. You can find up-to-date footage of this spring turkey season at