Turkey Hunting Second Chances, Lessons Learned with Will Primos

Spring Chronicles

By: Jason Cruise

I actually got my start in the outdoor world by being a writer. In the early days, it started with me writing outdoor-based articles with spiritual insights, and small magazines would publish them because of the niche trend I suppose. I never would have thought that writing would become a bridge into anything other than words on a page, much less that writing would be the reason I’d cross paths with someone like Will Primos. Yet, that’s how it happened. One year at the NWTF annual convention Will stopped by our booth to inquire about a Bible for which I’d written the men’s devotionals within it, and somehow over the years a friendship formed.

The Legendary Will Primos

Will Primos is a unique man. He is one of the most incredibly disciplined people I’ve ever met in my entire life. From everything of his approach to manufacturing game calls, to his faith, all the way to his fitness, Will has the sort of discipline that makes guys like me, the undisciplined type, rot with envy. I’ve often pondered how I could somehow slip pure Mississippi Delta sugar into his food for a week just to see how he’d react. To see Will Primos on a sugar high would be, at least for me, reason enough to endure whatever punishment he’d surely dish out.

Will’s life is grounded in discipline. He’s not easily swayed, and He’ll tell you not necessarily what you want to hear, but you can be that what he’ll tell you will be “the truth.” He’s seen so much, and experienced a vast amount of ups and downs in this industry, which makes his counsel incredibly beneficial to say the least, because his insights are founded on both successes and failures. I cannot express how thankful I am to him, as he has helped me so very much in my efforts to reach outdoorsmen. I’m hoping there’s an extra jewel in his crown for that reason alone.

Mary and Will Primos

In today’s segment of Spring Chronicles Will shares a hunt where he is graced with second chances. There’s a lot to learn by observing his set up on this Mississippi gobbler. If you’re going to use decoys in the woods, think through when it will be as to the first time that tom is going to lay eyes on that deke, for it will make all the difference in determining whether or not he’s in gun range when he encounters that decoy.

It’s a great story about his early days of forming Primos, and very fitting for a man who’s made the most out of life’s opportunities.

Jason Cruise is the founder of Mission Media & Resource Group and host of Spring Chronicles. You can find up-to-date footage of this spring turkey season at www.GoMission.net