Ditching the Swamp

Today’s blog post comes to us from Mike Stroff, host of Savage Outdoors.  Mike explains how he met Jay Paul and RJ of Swamp People, and what it takes to convert a hardcore swamper into a deer hunter!  Catch the special episode of Savage Outdoors on Tuesday at 10:30 PM E/P!

Jay Paul, Mike and RJ became friends after meeting at several trade shows.

vWhat I mean by that is I had become friends with RJ and Jay Paul Molinere at some of the summer hunting consumer shows we were attending. The guys are true outdoorsman and have a love for the outdoors and our conversations were about hunting and “GATOR FISHING” as they call it. We really hit it off and I invited them to come over Texas for a whitetail hunt on Savage Outdoors. The guys jumped at the opportunity and we had a date set!

RJ, Mike and Jay Paul pose with their Texas bucks!

If you have watched the guys fishing Gators Jay Paul always has his Savage .17 HMR ready to take down a big gator. We joked when the guys got to the ranch about making them shoot some big boy calibers and they just laughed it off. It is probably not a good practice calling these two wimps. As RJ is a professional arm wrestler and Jay Paul is a cage fighter. I think the gator fights are just practice for their off season activities.

This hunt would be the first time either of them had come to Texas to hunt whitetails. During the week both of them were able to get a good taste of Texas deer hunting. They both killed great bucks and Jay Paul was able to take a free range Axis doe. RJ and Jay Paul both had two great trophies and some of the best meat in the animal kingdom from the Axis deer Jay Paul Scored on to take back to Louisiana. I think this episode might just be a teaser for what is to come with these guys hunting big game animals on TV!