Challenge of the Hunt: Going Traditional for Sitka

Intrepid Outdoors’ “Challenge of the Hunt” series continues this week where we arguably have the most beautiful footage. Intrepid Outdoors video editor Michael Hanich shares the story of a Sitka Deer doe hunt with Intrepid Outdoors Field Producer Eric Andersen. Unfortunately, Mike never got to edit a full show with majestic Alaska footage, so putting together this video and blog was a real treat for him. 

Alaska is BIG! It is also one of the most beautiful places a person can ever go. I’ve honestly never been myself, but the footage captured by Intrepid Outdoors will take you there. After multiple trips in search of Alaskan brown bears, and Sitka black-tail deer, the Intrepid crew has successfully captured the beauty of coastal Alaska better than any other show I’ve ever witnessed.

Intrepid Outdoors field producer draws back his traditional bow on a Sitka Doe.

This particular web-exclusive video features the Sitka doe hunt of Intrepid Outdoors Field Producer, Eric Andersen in Sitka, Alaska. Eric is a true hunter and he has mastered many different forms of hunting. Whether it’s lion hunting with dogs, high country elk and mule deer hunting with long range rifles or taking various big game animals via his sneaky spot-and-stalk approach with his traditional recurve bow, Eric has hunting perfected to an art form.

However, it seems like the recurve bow is his favorite weapon of choice. After multiple days of harvesting trophy Sitka bucks in front of — and behind the lens in Sitka, Alaska —  Eric is out to fill his doe tag. And the challenge of recurve bowhunting in the treacherous Alaskan coastal woods makes  this hunt even more exciting. Eric must sneak up the coast and climb under and over massive fallen trees just to simply stalk these timid, easily spooked deer. And this isn’t some guided trophy hunt reserved only for the wealthy. The Intrepid team takes to the woods without a guide, armed solely with their knowledge of deer hunting in the lower 48 states.

Intrepid Outdoors Field Producer Eric Andersen filled his Sitka doe tag after taking a nice buck the day before.

Team Intrepid hunted for 10 days in beautiful Sitka, Alaska with the help of Scott McCloud of Raven’s guide service. Scott is the captain of “The Western Profit” and provides guided hunting for coastal black bears, black-tailed deer and more. Over the course of their trip, Team Intrepid was able to harvest four bucks and two does. Two of the bucks that were taken even scored as trophy class Sitka deer. The full length episode, “Sitka Black-Tailed Deer” is available online, and if you would like to see more of team Intrepid’s adventures check out or YouTube. And if you’d like to take on the same adventures as the Intrepid team in Sitka, Alaska, check out to book a hunt.

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