Mr. Whitetail

Today’s blog comes from one of our country’s most recognized wildlife biologists/outdoor writers/television show host of Trailing the Hunter’s Moon , Larry Weishuhn.  Although universally known as “Mr. Whitetail”, Larry trails the “Hunter’s Moon” throughout the world in search of big game hunting adventures. Tune in for this weeks episode of Trailing the Hunter’s Moon Monday at 3:00 PM ET, Tuesday at 6:30 PM ET, Fridays at 6:30 PM ET and Saturdays at 9:30 AM ET.

Being known as “Mr. Whitetail” comes with certain expectations from those who think they know me!  “Aren’t you supposed to know just about everything there is to know about whitetails?” I’m often asked.  Frankly, the answer is loud and resounding “NO!”

Yes, I’ve spent considerable amount of time researching whitetail deer, managing habitat and herds to improve the health and welfare of “America’s deer”, and I have hunted them across most of their North American range.  But the answer is “NO!”  I continue to learn every time I head into the woods and fields.

Larry Weishuhn of Trailing the Hunter’s Moon, glassing for a brush country buck.

With my new “DSC’s Trailing the Hunter’s Moon” series, I am hunting a wide variety of big game across North America and the rest of the world. Whitetails?  For Year One I have only three whitetail episodes.  Two of those were in Texas where I hunted mature bucks that lacked antler development for their age.  Two, I hunted Coues deer in Sonora, Mexico.  I’ll admit up front dearly loving to hunt the high deserts for wily Coues whitetails. It’s my favorite whitetail hunt!

Success in hunting, as in life is often a matter of timing; being at the right place at the right time.  And occasionally hunting, like life, comes with surprises!

The ranch my cameraman, Derek Harris, and I hunted has quite a history, great whitetail hunting, and many wild hogs.  I timed my hunt in hopes of rattling up a bunch of bucks. Unfortunately plans don’t always go the way you want or expect them to.  Warm weather set in and diminished the ardor of the local whitetails as well as the bucks’ interest in responding to rattling horns. Three days into the hunt things were looking bleak.

Larry Weishuhn, of Trailing the Hunter’s Moon, in his infamous red bandana.

Late that afternoon, Derek and I left our Nature Blind and headed up slope where we could watch a huge wheat field.  No sooner has we peeked into the field, than we spotted a huge black boar running our way.  Immediately I set up my shooting sticks, leveled the Ruger American Rifle on target.  I grunted and squealed loudly to stop the big boar.  He did and I shot, then quickly reloaded and shot again. He went down! A few minutes later we walked toward my “dead” boar.  When I got to within fifteen steps from my ‘dead” boar he jumped to his feet and charged!He wasn’t trying to get away….he was charging directly toward me!

Remember to always reload and be ready for just about anything! Surprises?  Sometimes those are what makes life and hunting truly interesting and rewarding!