Chasing the Bama Rut

Today’s blog comes from Michael Lee of Backwoods Life. Working with some of the largest names in the outdoor industry has molded the three hosts into some of the most entertaining and marketable faces out there. The guys have grown to new levels over the past years and are proud to say they are average folks living a dream. Welcome to a new show, a new adventure, and a new life………..the Backwoods Life!

By the time Christmas arrives and on into the New Year, most hunters are packing up their gear and storing it for the next season and reflecting on memories of the past season.  Not the Backwoods Life crew!  We’re still wide open getting ready for the Alabama rut.

Most of the country has their prime whitetail rut time kicking off anywhere from late October through late November and the big boys hit the trails cruising for hot does to breed and hunters pile into the woods with high hopes of bagging that buck of a lifetime.  During this time, most of central to southern Alabama hunters are getting primed up for the coming December and January time frame.  When most other hunters are slowing down and maybe hoping to fill a late season tag, the Bama hunters are watching as the big boys of the South start to show up after the hot does that are coming into season.

A nice Bama bruiser!

The Backwoods Life crew is right there in the middle of it each year as we hit the woods of south-central Alabama with our good buddy and crew member Jeremy Johnson.  If you are familiar with our show you’ve seen Jeremy on there just about every year filling his Bama tags on some nice bucks, and we can’t wait each season to hit the road and join him to fill some of our own.  With a huge deer population, Alabama is a great place to put some meat in the freezer with does or even hogs, and occasionally bring home a stud for the wall.

With the prime time for those big bucks of Bama to get up during the daylight hours and cruise for does being late December and into January, each year we can’t wait to celebrate our form of “Christmas in Dixie”!

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