Sweet Home Alabama

Today’s blog comes from Michael Lee of Backwoods Life. Working with some of the largest names in the outdoor industry has molded the three hosts into some of the most entertaining and marketable faces out there. The guys have grown to new levels over the past years and are proud to say they are average folks living a dream. Welcome to a new show, a new adventure, and a new life………..the Backwoods Life!

All members of the Backwoods Life crew pride ourselves in being, well, normal. Whoever says that must be crazy huh? Well not really. Backwoods Life Bonehead crew members Jeremy Johnson and Justin Moore are just like the rest of the crew members and hosts. We are all hard working men and women that love the outdoors, put in a 40+ hour work week, and hit the woods as much as we possibly can without losing our jobs!

Jeremy Johnson of Backwoods Life with one of his Alabama bruisers.

Jeremy Johnson can be found at the Buckmasters office each week where he works. He’s lucky though, his family farm is just minutes away from the office and he gets to spend a lot of time in the woods with his good friend Justin, wife Elizabeth, and the rest of the family. Sounds perfect right? Well, it is and it gets even better since their family farm is a phenomenal hunting ground loaded with deer, turkeys, and even wild hogs.

Jeremy has been a crew member of Backwoods Life for many years and really puts forth a lot of effort as a team player as well as getting some great kills on film for the show. He never misses a beat and films his family and friends all the time, especially after he is tagged out, ha-ha! Justin does a great job as well as he is no stranger to filling the freezer with his bow in the bama backwoods. Justin and Jeremy make a killer team for the show and are able to contribute with many great video shots each season.

The “trash pile” stand.

One of the most coveted stands on the Johnson farm is named the “trash pile” stand. It has been on Backwoods Life more than any other spot and probably any other in outdoor TV history. There’s always a waiting list to get in that spot for anyone who gets an invite. If you watch the Alabama shows you’ll definitely understand why!

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