Kansas: Land of Dream Bucks

Today’s blog comes from Michael Lee of Backwoods Life. Working with some of the largest names in the outdoor industry has molded the three hosts into some of the most entertaining and marketable faces out there. The guys have grown to new levels over the past years and are proud to say they are average folks living a dream. Welcome to a new show, a new adventure, and a new life………..the Backwoods Life!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you know that Kansas produces some of the largest whitetail bucks in the country, and of course, we try to hunt there every fall.  In 2012, Backwoods Life crew members Woody Sullivan, Ryan Whitaker, and I (Michael Lee) all drew tags and lined up our times to hit this great state.

First, Ryan headed West for early season.  His goal was to fill his tag while the bucks were still very predictable on their bedding and feeding.  Hunting private farmland in the Northwest part of the state, Ryan had several good bucks on camera and video coming to the same field every evening.  Ryan and his cameraman hung their setup and were watching a giant come in just hours later.  The beast of a buck came in and offered him a 20 yard shot, Ryan capitalized on the opportunity and arrowed a true giant, 184 inch Pope and Young buck!

Backwoods Life

Ryan with his 184 inch Pope and Young buck!


I was up next, hunting with Hans and Jim of Dirt Road Outfitters in South-Central Kansas (www.DirtRoadHunting.com).  Arriving the first week of November, I knew I would be a little early but was hoping to catch some early rutting activity.  Sure enough, my second evening in the stand I had five bucks push a doe by and I was able to arrow another Kansas stud for the Backwoods Life crew.   The eleven point buck I was able to put a Muzzy through was my widest buck to date at 22 inches inside and scored at the 150 inch Pope and Young mark.

Michael Lee of Backwoods Life

My widest buck to date at 22 inches inside and scored at the 150 inch Pope and Young mark.


Woody was the last to make the trip out, he met Ryan for a hunt just before Thanksgiving.  The buck movement they saw was off the charts!  Literally bucks cruising for does all over, tending does, rubbing trees, and one made a fatal mistake of getting in bow range for Woody.  He used his Elite bow to tag his second Pope and Young buck in the great state of Kansas.

Backwoods Life, Woody

Woody with his second Pope and Young buck!


As we sit waiting on the 2013 season you can bet our Kansas tags are sitting and waiting for more bone to be wrapped around and hopefully keep the streak alive for the Backwoods Life crew.

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