This week’s Challenge of the Hunt Video blog series comes from Intrepid Outdoors Lead Video Editor Wade McMillin, who shares the story of a very determined young solo cammer.

In most of our lives, we’re lucky enough to meet a younger person that we immediately define as a “go-getter.”

14-­‐year-­‐old Collin Hohman of Ohio prepares for his self-­‐filmed hunt by climbing up to his first vantage point.

It’s a person you wish nothing but the best for, yet at the end of the day, you know they will land on their feet because of their dedication. The Intrepid Outdoors team met such a young man who was a fan of the show and wanted to learn more about everything behind the scenes.

I will never forget the first time I received a package at the Intrepid Outdoors post production studio from Collin Hohman of Ohio. It was a little thumb drive with several .MTS files that wouldn’t read on my computer without additional software. I found this software and at first I thought, “oh great what do we have here.” It was a self-filmed shed hunt from Collin. It wasn’t the best footage I’ve ever went through, but it wasn’t bad and you could tell that Collin put a lot of time and thought into the different shots he was collecting.

How Collin came to be a friend of Intrepid Outdoors was through producer Bob Lott, a fellow Ohio native. Collin reached out to Bob, asking him the tricks of the trade. After Bob saw what I had put together from Collin’s first attempt at solo camera work, he knew where to start. Bob spent a few days with Collin, teaching him simple rules of filming hunts because the style we have to use in the field is truly like no other type of television.

Collin Hohman readies himself for the first day of Ohio’s extended shotgun season in 2012.

“He’s one of those kids who took what his dad showed him and took it to the next level,” Bob said. “With his filming, he would take anybody’s advice and use it.”

Collin Hohman reacts after killing a whitetail deer and getting a shot on film all by himself.

Bob’s advice must’ve stuck like glue as the next package I received from the 14-year-old was a successfully filmed Ohio whitetail deer kill.

Collin had the initiative to get better and figured if he was going to go out and hunt, he might as well try to film it because he loved hunting television and wants to be a part of it when he grows up. What’s better than starting early? Doing what Collin is doing now, is no different than if a teenager joins the football team because he wants to play in the NFL someday.

It’s young go-getters like Collin that will be the best in this industry. I hope Collin ends up there someday, but like I said, I don’t really have to hope for it because I honestly believe that he will if he sticks to his dreams.

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