Olya’s SRO Adventure Part Two

This week’s Challenge of the Hunt Video blog series comes from Intrepid Outdoors Lead Video Editor Wade McMillin. Wade shares the story of one hunter’s success from a Blind Turtle Hard Shell Hunting Blind.

Wherever you go on the Solitude Ranch near Devils Tower, Wyoming, there’s a good chance a Blind Turtle Hard Shell Hunting Blind is within a short ride’s distance. It’s like the Blind Turtle has almost become a part of the stunning landscape. And when it comes to a hunter’s success and comfort, many outdoorsmen sure are happy the Solitude has an abundance of these hard shell blinds.

Olya Anderson checks out the landscape of the Solitude Ranch before beginning her Fall Mule Deer hunt on the Solitude Ranch near Devils Tower, Wyoming.

One of these such hunters was Olya Andersen, wife of Intrepid Outdoors field producer Eric Andersen. In her pocket was an “any deer” tag for the Fall of 2012 and her spouse selected to set up in the reliable green hard shell blind for a Wyoming Mule Deer.

It was an obvious choice as Olya is somewhat of a novice hunter, which the Blind Turtle can easily cater. When you’re in for a long sit and still want that camouflaged comfort, the Blind Turtle works perfectly.

Olya Andersen looks through the scope of her muzzleloader inside the Blind Turtle hard-shell hunting blind

That was the situation for Eric and Olya as they entered the blind moments before dawn’s first light. It was a cozy wait for daybreak and with the hard shell blind elevated, the pair could see out into the deer woods for miles. As the sun came up, the quietness was deafening and the beauty was overwhelming. The Solitude’s ambiance itself was worth the trip alone. But Eric and Olya were there to hunt and had their eyes faithfully on the prize, which came in the way of a Mule Deer heard sauntering over a field still covered in morning’s dew.

Olya Andersen exits her Blind Turtle and is met by her husband Eric Andersen after she harvested her first Mule Deer buck.

At the site of their first encounter, Olya began to grow anxious for her first buck. Eric ranged the animal at more than 300 yards and guided his wife to make the difficult trigger pull. Olya calmed her nerves, steadied her muzzleloader, taking aim. It wasn’t long before her bullet broke the silence of the quiet morn. The interior of the Blind Turtle soon filled with black powder smoke that danced from the chamber of her trusty weapon. As the smoke faded, the big buck wobbled, falling to its final resting place.

Okya erupted with excitement. Eric felt overwhelmed with pride and joy that his own wife, a rookie hunter, had defeated her doubts and bagged the big one.

Olya and Eric share a kiss over her Mule Deer trophy.

And a true trophy it was as the couple descended from their Blind Turtle and made their way to the downed deer. Eric couldn’t believe the size of the deer and Olya was flabbergasted. Who would’ve known that her first outing for a buck deer would’ve resulted in such success? It truly doesn’t get any better than that.

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