Yukon Stone Part 1

YoungWild is a compelling new series that breaks the mold; a story of how a young man’s battle with adversity leads to an intense passion for bow hunting and a surprising self-discovery. It’s a story about life. What makes the YoungWild journey unique is that each episode documents an animal Lincoln has never hunted before, giving viewers an opportunity to learn along side him. You can find what Lincoln is doing on his Facebook and Twitter.

From the edge of some of the most beautifully daunting cliff faces in North America to a made-from-scratch cherry pie back at base camp, Lincoln’s quest for an archery Stone sheep in the Yukon is a story every hunter can sink their teeth into. Join Lincoln on an epic horseback hunt deep into the bush.

A recent screening at the 2014 Wild Sheep Foundation’s annual banquet had over 1200 of the best sheep hunting experts in the world on the edge of their seats, earning YoungWild’s Yukon Stone series the “Best of Show” award in the Wild Sheep Foundation's Outdoor Film Festival & Tour.

YoungWild’s Yukon Stone series won “Best of Show” award in the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Outdoor Film Festival & Tour.

Tonight’s episode of YoungWild kicks off an award-winning 2-part series that is being called one of the best hunting films of the year. A recent screening at the 2014 Wild Sheep Foundation’s annual banquet had over 1200 of the best sheep hunting experts in the world on the edge of their seats, earning YoungWild’s Yukon Stone series the “Best of Show” award in the Wild Sheep Foundation’s Outdoor Film Festival & Tour. Pope & Young Club also awarded Lincoln their first ever Conservation Series Award.

The year leading up to the Yukon hunt was full of dreaming, anticipation and endless planning. Nobody on the YW crew had ever been to the Yukon. In fact, it was the first time any of them stepped foot in Canada.

After 5 days of grueling hikes and long rides the team hadn’t seen a ram. It was unseasonably hot. The flies and mosquitoes were delighted to chaperone the hunting party every step of the way. Ice cold streams of water from nearby glaciers provided temporary relief from the heat and kept the crew hydrated. The storm system that was about to swallow nearly the entire Yukon Territory was a welcomed change of pace. Rain, Lincoln knew, meant cooler temperatures and that inevitably meant seeing more movement as they glassed several thousand acres of land from the top of one mountain to the next. “I was amazed by how much land we could glass in a day and see no animals whatsoever”, Lincoln’s father, Jim, explained. Little did he know, he was about to film his son staring straight into the eyes of a 39” Fannin standing only 5 yards from the tip of his broadhead. With only 2 seconds to react, Lincoln lands his 15 yard pin just below vitals and releases an arrow that will make him the youngest known archer in history to harvest a Stone sheep.


Stay tuned for episode 2 when Lincoln comes face-to-face with a 39″ Fannin ram.

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