Guns & Ammo Sits Down with Sarah Palin

sarah_palin_alaska_3Sarah Palin lends her patriotic passion in hosting “Amazing America,” a new show on the Sportsman Channel. The show targets anyone interested in hunting, shooting and fishing and focuses on unique personalities and their activities.

When the show was conceived, the concept was to illustrate colorful people and places previously unknown to many. The common thread linking each episode is in the show’s title. The program celebrates and spotlights interesting Americans who, through their creativity or heroics, do incredible things.

Sarah was drawn to this opportunity because it was a show about America, and she’s a huge advocate for hunters and defenders of freedom. Ahead of the April 3rd premiere, she shared some time with Guns & Ammo to answer a few questions.

G&A: Do you have a favorite gun or caliber?

Palin: I love .22s, and I’m anxious to get to know a very nifty Colt .45 that I received for my recent birthday. It’s a Single Action Army that replicates an 1873 original, but I probably sound like I know more about specific guns than I actually do. If you follow our new show, I’ll be learning right along with the novice greenhorn. I’m not too proud to admit that. Back in 2011, I got the opportunity to visit President Reagan’s beautiful ranch in Santa Barbara and go horseback riding. While I was there, I got a look at President Reagan’s gun collection. He apparently used to carry a pistol loaded with shot when he went out riding in order to clear away the rattlesnakes.

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