Bush Busting Rend Lake Crappie

Does crappie fishing get more extreme than this?

Welcome to Rend Lake Illinois Krappie Kings TV, your no longer in Kansas!

We arrived on a somewhat rainy day in May to Rend Lake Resort and met our guest hosts, the awesome accommodations overlooking the lake and eventually our fishing partner for this trip, Kyle Schonherr.

I can’t remember ever being so intimidated by a fishing technique or presentation in my entire life than when I arrived in Illinois to fish with tournament pro and full time crappie guide Kyle on Rend Lake.

Kyle and I with some chunky Rend Lake 'bush dwelling' crappie

Kyle and I with some chunky Rend Lake ‘bush dwelling’ crappie

He had forewarned me that we would be doing something a little different than most crappie anglers normally do. Lots of crappie anglers fish brush, brush piles, root systems and tree trucks for slabs, but we were going to drive right into the jungles and get up close and personal with these Rend Lake crappie. And I mean real close!!

I have fished for many different species of fish in many different locations, using a lot of different presentations and techniques and knew there was probably ‘other ways’ to catch crappie on Rend Lake, but when a full time guide and tournament pro like Kyle says this is the way to go, I did not question his recommendation. Our intention was not only to fish ‘near the bushes’, but right inside the bushes and drive the boat directly into the flooded brush and jig for crappie in the thickest mix of timber, branches, trees and aquatic vegetation you could ever imagine!

Now I will give Kyle credit, he was as patient as patient gets and said he gets the somewhat same response from a lot of his customers while guiding, but after an ‘easy-to-understand’ lesson on how to lower the bait thru the mess of branches and into the water, it was a lot easier to perform than at first envisioned. Looking at the sheer entanglement of sticks and branches is quite intimidating to say the least.

But, as Kyle said, ‘if you want to catch more and potentially bigger crappie here at this time of year, this is what we have to do” and so we did it. Picking up my ten foot B `n M jigging pole rigged with a road runner and tube jig body to begin our brush busting adventure, Kyle suggested we add a tiny maggot to the hook as the male crappie hated these and attacked them with a vengeance, and boy was he right!

Right from the ‘get go’ Kyle starts slowly lowering his bait into the tightest of spots, hits bottom, raises his bait and starts to slowly shake his rod tip and BANG, first fish in the boat! Talk about impressive. For me, it took a little longer to ‘master’ the technique of simply lowering the bait thru the mess of sticks and bush. But, once I got the hang of it, it was ‘game on’ and we started putting a serious hurt on those chunky eating size black and white Rend Lake crappie.

Not just near the bushes, but right inside the bushes! Takes a little effort, but is a TON of fun!

Not just near the bushes, but right inside the bushes! Takes a little effort, but is a TON of fun!

And once Kyle saw that I got the hang of it, he suggested we go to the ‘real thick stuff’ and hunt down some bigger slabs by literally driving his boat right into the bushes! Yes, right into the bushes, stop the boat, pick up our jigging poles and start dunking our jigs all around the boat. Sounds simple? It can be, but like any technique or presentation, it takes time, effort and dedication to master, but Kyle has it down to a science and his reputation and overall success rate proves that point to a tee.

If your looking for a ‘new’ and very exciting way to catch a boat load of slab crappie this year I encourage you to pick up the phone and give Kyle a call to book your own ‘bush busting crappie adventure’, you wont regret a single moment, it really was that fun!

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