Turkey Hunting Exposes a Harsh Truth to Youth Hunters

Spring Chronicles

By: Jason Cruise

Cole Cruise's Dinosaur of a Gobbler.

Cole Cruise’s Dinosaur of a Gobbler.

There’s a mentality that is, unfortunately, permeating America. One can see it in both younger and older generations, and it’s the idea of entitlement.

Perhaps it has its origins in areas such as youth sports, where kids get a trophy simply for participating, as if that’s how life actually works. The sad reality is that we are teaching younger generations to expect praise simply for breathing each day. So play that out … when today’s children become tomorrow’s work force, we will have taught them to expect bonuses for simply showing up to work each day.

I believe it’s killing us on many levels. Moreover, I want my two sons to know that success comes by one simple method: hard work.

Today is the last episode of this year’s Spring Chronicles series. My son Cole Cruise is 9 years old, and he’s learning after an incredibly difficult turkey season that a man reaps what he sows. On his last hunt, he takes down an absolute dinosaur of an Eastern, proving that hard work pays off.

Jason Cruise is the host of Spring Chronicles. www.GoMissionnet and @JasonLCruise on Twitter.