Filming Through Your Spotting Scope

Every good hunter needs a solid role model, and Melissa Bachman, host of Winchester’s Deadly Passion, fits that bill perfectly with a unique ability to share her love for hunting with passionate fans and viewers. Tune in to Winchester’s Deadly Passion Sundays at 2pm ET.

Hunting out west, especially for mule deer often times requires a lot of long range glassing so of course your optics are key, but there are other challenges as well.  For example, it can also be difficult to capture good video of deer in the distance when trying to shoot a TV show.  Even if you’re not trying to film a show, sometimes it’s nice to show others photos of what you saw or even videos, so here is a great way to achieve that without bringing much extra gear.

Melissa is using a DSLR on her Spotting Scope

Melissa is using a DSLR on her Spotting Scope

Long lenses for any camera equipment can get extremely pricy but there’s a way to use your existing spotting scope as a lens and the results are truly stunning.  We paired our Swarovski spotting scope up with a DSLR which is extremely common within the birding community and known as digiscoping.  All you need to do is purchase the appropriate adapter for your spotting scope that pairs with your phone, DSLR, or point and shoot camera and you are in business. There are no black edges, nothing to show people on the other end that this was shot with anything other than through a high quality lens.

We filmed a huge portion of this show from afar right through the spotting scope which gives you up close and personal footage, without stalking in close and disrupting the deer you don’t intend on stalking.  It can also be extremely useful in situations where you’re hunting on your own and you want to show your friends, family, or an outfitter what you saw during the day or try and get an estimate on age, size, etc. from your buddies.

Overall this is something we started doing several years ago and the results speak for themselves.  Incredible, high quality video through gear you may already own, and just another way to take amazing up close photos and video while in the field.