Arctic Grizzly Quest

Trijicon's the Hunt - CampCoffee13.1

The beauty, tranquility and solitude of drop camps in Alaska are unlike anywhere else.


Trijicon's the Hunt - SilhtHunter

Scott Haugen used to live in Alaska’s Arctic, where he taught school and lived a subsistence’s a place he can never get enough of!


Trijicon's the Hunt - Arctic Grizzly Quest

Overcoming many challenges, including a near-death experience in a bush plane, Scott Haugen and Paul Atkins were able to fill a grizzly tag on Alaska’s Arctic tundra.


Trijicon's the Hunt - SHglassAK13.1

Glassing from high points is a wise approach when hunting in Alaska, and it paid off on this hunt.


Trijicon's the Hunt - WaterBottle13.10

There’s nothing like fresh, ice-cold water from an Alaskan stream. (Water bottle shown: Pure Hydration Traveler bottle, with a built-in filter attached to the screw-on cap.) In Alaska, weather conditions can change in minutes, and hunters must be prepared for it all.


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