Don’t Let the Bears Get You

Deep in the backwoods life Saskatchewan, Canada you will find Backwoods Life crew member Mike Grundmann.  Mike is an outfitter, father, hunter, and one of the toughest woodmen you will find.  Mike runs Saskadrenaline Outfitters and each fall has some of the most amazing encounters with wildlife imaginable.

Mike’s footage has been some of the most viral bear footage online and featured on several national cable network shows.  Moose, mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, wolves, and bear are all animals Mike runs into each season regularly so you never know what he will come back to camp with on film.  He is encountering animals that have never seen a human!

In this episode of Backwoods Life, we take a look deep into Mike Grundmann’s encounters in the wild, rugged terrain of Canada as Mike hunts with clients and alone in the backwoods.  You don’t want to miss this episode as more never seen before up-close bear footage is featured and we get another look into how dangerous these animals really are.

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