ReWind: Hunting And Obsessions

A man can take anything too far. Sometimes, what starts out as a good thing, ends up a bad thing, simply because it got out of control.

Today is the last day of what has been one of the most surreal projects I’ve ever taken on to this point in my life. It is incredibly humbling to partner with Sportsman Channel to look deeper into hunting not just as a sport, but as an identity.

That’s what the ReWind project has been to me: a work of heart.

Though I didn’t know it at the age of ten, there was a bad moon rising in my heart and soul during those formative years at The Sportsman. Getting to grow up the son of a man who owned a hunting and fishing store shaped my life, in ways that were so good, and in some ways that we not very good at all.

I had no idea that something so pure as hunting could create such a dark cavern in my heart; a cavern that I would eventually have to find my way out of in the years ahead.

This is how it happened.

Jason Cruise is a published author and speaker. He produces Spring Chronicles and Blind Insights with Sportsman Channel. and @JasonLCruise on Twitter.


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