Hollywood Hunter: 5 Must-Haves for Bow Season

Freddy Harteis, host of Hollywood Hunter, is gearing up for bow season out at his ranch in Colorado. We interrupted his cleaning time to ask what are the ‘must-haves’ for bowhunters this season? From beginners to advance, we wanted to know what this avid archery has in his man cave this season. Be sure to catch the show Saturday’s at 10AM EST.

Number one is to make sure you have a great bow to carry you through season after season. You’ll see on my show this year one of my guests bought a brand new bow from a retailer, brought it to the ranch the day before our big hunt, took it out and the string came right off the cam. He was devastated. Since I was guiding, I gave him my personal Bear Archery Agenda 6 to use.  It is by far the best bow I’ve ever owned. It is made to be lightweight and super quiet, but yet packs a punch. The H13 Synchronized Hybrid Cam system powers arrow speeds reaching 350 fps IBO on a 6-inch brace height. But don’t take my word, read a review here: http://www.bowhuntingmag.com/bow-reviews/bear-agenda-6-review/#ixzz3B2OdoNIz

Hollywood Hunter
Second, to complete the package, I use the Hogg-It by Spot-Hogg bow site. I love they are family-owned and of course, Made in the U.S.A. It offers micro-adjust features and incredible optics for low lite. Learn more at http://www.spot-hogg.com

Third, you need to invest in a good arrow rest. I use Ripcord Arrow Rests – they’ve always been a great company to work with and have literally been there with me for my shot-of-a-lifetime hunts. They are the No. 1 fall-away arrow rest and I see they have one in pink – so maybe I can get Jeannie to try it out with me. http://ripcordarrowrest.com/index.php

Fourth, choose your broadheads wisely. Like everything I mentioned, there are many on the market and it can get overwhelming. The Rage Hypodermic has never let me down. This broadhead has tough, razor sharp edges that penetrate deep with a shock collar that helps with retention. Check out their product video here: http://www.ragebroadheads.com/products/hypodermic.html

Lastly, Badlands packs are simply the best on the market. They were originally built for mountaineering, until a shop guy sprayed camo spray on his backpack and a whole industry was born. I’m enjoying their Tactical line, which offers three new pack designs. It is made with nearly indestructible Kevlar and Cordura blended fabrics, the packs are extremely tough while still being light and mobile. All of the tactical pieces are blanketed with multiple molle straps for accessory attachment. Plus, they have bow attachment capability. Learn more at http://www.badlandspacks.com/hunting-packs.php



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