Hunter’s of the Round Table

Unplugged, raw and real; four legendary bowhunters: Stan Potts, Tim Wells, Andy Ross and Kyle Wieter got together around one table to give insight into the sport of bowhunting. We had the opportunity to talk to them about their experience, check out this Q&A with these Hunter’s of the Round Table and tune in for this unique, exclusive stick and string experience during The Round Table on Sportsman Channel, Friday, September 19 at 7 p.m. ET as part of Bownanza presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods.

What was your experience like during the filming of The Round Table?

Stan Potts:  I had a great time at the round table. Would love to do it again!

Tim Wells:  The Round Table was a great experience for me.  I enjoyed Stan Pott’s he’s a real cut up when you get him off the cameras.

Kyle Wieter: It was an awesome experience. It was really cool to get together with the hosts of three other shows and talk shop. It was insightful to discuss how the industry is changing. And despite perhaps having different viewpoints about several hot topics, we all were consistent about the aspect of ethical hunting.  Also, it was great to get to know the other hosts on a personal level – each was very entertaining in their own right.

Andy Ross: I thought Ross and the guys were very prepared and knew exactly what they wanted. It was organized and on schedule. I also though that Tim Wells was a great host and it helped to have a great place to film from and hang out. Tim also took us out bow fishing and we all got to make some TV for our own shows and that helped with the economics of the trip.

Kyle Wieter, Stan Potts, Tim Wells, and Andy Ross at The Round Table.

Kyle Wieter, Stan Potts, Tim Wells, and Andy Ross at The Round Table.


Was there any one thing you learned about the other three hosts that surprised you during filming?

Stan Potts:  Not really, they are all great guys

Tim Wells:  I learned that Kyle, Stan and Andy are truly redneck boneheads.  I thought it was just a TV put on, but now that I’ve got to know them they truly are boneheads.

Kyle Wieter: We were all so different, from age to style of hunting, but it was surprising how well we all got along.  There is just something about hunting that brings people together.

Andy Ross:  That Stan Potts has a great sense of humor, he had us rolling at times.  I met Tim for the first time. He gave me a few spears and we have become friends. I knew Kyle for a long time so nothing new to report there.


The Round Table - Kyle & Stan

Kyle (Left) & Stan Potts having a good laugh.


Would you like to see future chapters of The Round Table?

Stan Potts:  Yes!!!!!

Tim Wells:  Well I hope we can do it again it was very interesting to hear the different perspectives from my fellow bowhunters who  have their own TV shows and as always it was very entertaining as well.

Kyle Wieter: Yes, as long as I’m invited back.  Ha.

Andy Ross:  Yes I would. I think it would be very cool to have 4 of us share a hunting camp together. We would all be out hunting and filming our own shows but meeting back at camp. We all would have different hunting styles and different approaches to making TV. We all would have very different lives going on at the same time back home and on the road. We would discuss our day and our plans for the next day every evening back at camp and in the early morning.