Inside Look at MURPH: The Protector

Sportsman Channel airs the cable network premiere of the documentary – MURPH: The Protector on Thursday, September 4 and Friday, September 5 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.  MURPH: The Protector  presented by Bravo Company is an intimate and in-depth feature-length documentary based on Congressional Medal of Honor recipient Lt. Michael Murphy’s life of honor, courage and commitment, as told by his friends, family and teammates.

Below is a Q&A with filmmaker and producer Scott MacTavish

 Murph Picture 10

Q:    What inspired you to want to tell this story?

A:     “I have a relationship with the Murphy family a little about Michael’s story. I was working on another project but the more we looked at Michael’s story, the more we realized that it really deserved all of our attention.”


Q:    How long did the documentary take to film?

A:     “The entire process was about four to five months and it premiered in Manhattan at the Danny Kaye Theatre on the evening of the commissioning of the U.S.S. Michael Murphy.”


Q:    What was the most difficult part about filming the documentary?

A:     “It’s particularly difficult to raise money for documentaries. I have my life savings in the project.“


Q:     Discuss the emotional aspect of making the film? 

A:     “When you do a project like this you are asking people to relive one of the worst times in their lives. It was very long days. Each person sat with us for 8-10 hours in a very small room, under hot lights and my job was to make them relive those moments. It was a very emotional and taxing experience sitting there asking Michael’s family to relive those days.”


Q:     What did you learn about Lt. Murphy that you didn’t already know?

A:     “I knew a lot about Michael going in but what I did find is that he was incredibly driven from a very young age. He was a tough kid. He wasn’t very big but was incredibly fit. He was an extraordinary young man and you realize that he got those traits from his parents. His dad was a career prosecutor who put a lot of bad guys in prison and his mother was a teacher. He grew up in an environment where service to others was emphasized.”


Q:     Why should people care about Lt. Michael Murphy? 

A:     “Mike is an archetype of every single man and woman that we lose [while fighting for our country]. When brave souls are taken from us, it’s like a pebble in a pond – there is a ripple effect and it effects people for the rest of their lives. Mike was one of the best examples of those men and women that I can use to tell the story [of these fallen heroes]. We shouldn’t forget the sacrifice. And when you watch the film you realize how profound the loss is. We have thousands of families across the U.S. who are experiencing that today.”


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