Whitetail SOTU: The People Pt. 2

Paul Sawyer of Whitetail Properties holds the first-ever Whitetail State of The Union which will bring together the brightest minds in the world of white-tailed deer to address the most pressing issues facing deer and deer hunters. Disease, predators, anti-hunting groups and dozens of other issues are looming large over America’s most popular game species.

In part2 of  this 3 part blog series, we talk about the experts involved in the making of Whitetail State of The Union.

We knew we needed to assemble a team of experts. Although we needed die-hard hunters on our panel, we also needed folks with credentials. Education. The people who study habitat and whitetail behavior for a living. The people who attach radio collars to deer and track their movements. People who have studied charts, data, maps and more for decades.

The panel had to be great or our project was doomed.

We started with three of the world’s foremost biologists in white-tailed deer. Karl V. Miller, Ph.D., from the University of Georgia’s Deer Lab, Grant Woods, Ph.D., from GrowingDeer.TV and James Kroll, Ph.D., known around the hunting industry as “Dr. Deer.”

Paul Sawyer speaking to one of the WTSOTU experts.

Paul Sawyer speaking to one of the WTSOTU experts.

These men are among the most knowledgeable in the world around the science of whitetails.

Next we added two biologists that know not only the science of whitetails, but the issues facing deer and deer hunters: The Quality Deer Management Association’s Kip Adams, director of education and outreach and Brian Murphy, CEO.

Because the deer hunting is so different depending on where you are in North America, it was important to us to have regional representation among our hunting pros as well as men who have traveled far and wide hunting whitetails.

In the Midwest, we recruited big buck hunters Rich Baugh, Gabe Adair, Jeff Propst and Dan Perez. These guys have hunted monsters extensively in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois and many other states.

Will Primos and Brad Ferris of Primos  brand added Southern accents and knowledge to our panel and not only Southern hunting experience, but these guys have hunted whitetails literally across the U.S.

To represent the north, Michigan natives Chris and Casey Keefer of Dropped TV added youthful energy to the project.

Bill Winke of Midwest Whitetail has a unique blend of experience as not only a longtime hunter, outdoor writer and television producer, but acclaim as one of America’s foremost thinkers and strategists around whitetail hunting and land management.

Finally, two men who can relay not only their own opinions, but the opinions of hundreds of thousands of readers and television viewers from across America, Pat Hogan and Gordon Whittington of North American Whitetail magazine and television.

Be sure to tune in for the  two-part special event airing of Whitetail State of the Union 9/23 and 9/30 at 9:30PM E/P.