Whitetail SOTU: The Vision Pt. 1

 Paul Sawyer of Whitetail Properties holds the first-ever Whitetail State of The Union which will bring together the brightest minds in the world of white-tailed deer to address the most pressing issues facing deer and deer hunters. Disease, predators, anti-hunting groups and dozens of other issues are looming large over America’s most popular game species.

In part 1 of  this 3 part blog series, we talk about the vision and how Whitetail State of The Union got started

The Vision

At Whitetail Properties, we help people realize the dream of owning hunting land. But for us, owning land isn’t just an investment or purchase. It’s a lifestyle. It’s managing the land every day. Being a steward of an ecosystem – even if it’s just a small piece. We believe in giving back, more than you take.

This spirit of stewardship is what led us to the Whitetail State Of The Union project.

Paul Sawyer interviewing one of the knowledgeable experts.

Paul Sawyer interviewing one of the knowledgeable experts.

Think about it. The President is the steward of the American people. Each year, he and his staff are charged with informing the people of the current state of affairs in our country.

Why aren’t we doing this on a smaller scale with the white-tailed deer?

Just like foreign policy, national security, healthcare and a million other political hot-buttons, the status of the white-tailed deer can change from one year to the next.

This animal contributes HUNDREDS of millions to our economy annually. More than 12 million people deer hunt every year.We need the most current and relevant information affecting the whitetail across its range so we can be effective stewards of whitetail.

Getting Started

We took a close look at the current state of affairs across the whitetails range. There seems to be some controversy brewing, depending who you talked to or where they were.  Talk of disease, predators, anti-hunting groups, anti-hunting politicians and a million other issues were on the tips of everyone’s tongues.

With hunting season around the corner, we wanted to debunk myths and arm whitetail hunters with the latest information before they hit the woods this fall.

Be sure to tune in for the  two-part special event airing of Whitetail State of the Union 9/23 and 9/30 at 9:30PM E/P.