Wishes & More Ball- Kelly’s Wish Comes True

Every good hunter needs a solid role model, and Melissa Bachman, host of Winchester’s Deadly Passion, fits that bill perfectly with a unique ability to share her love for hunting with passionate fans and viewers. Tune in to Winchester’s Deadly Passion Sundays at 2pm ET.

After years of successful deer hunts in Illinois, I’m more excited than ever about the upcoming 2015 season! This time the highlight will come during October when the youth season hits and I’ll be holding a camera instead of a gun.

This winter I received a call from the director of Wishes & More  explaining that a young girl who grew up near my central Minnesota hometown had submitted a wish that involved me. Her wish was to hunt deer at Golden Triangle Whitetail  in Illinois after watching my shows and seeing my success in the past. After hearing her story I immediately agreed to set up the hunt and offered to film  her entire hunt myself and build it into a show for next season but we decided to keep it a secret  from Kelly for just a little longer.

Kelly on stage at Wishes and More.

Kelly on stage at Wishes and More.

Once a year Wishes & More has a big ball where they grant wishes and raise money. This  winter we were able to get Kelly’s entire wish in order, but she had no idea it was going to be granted. She was asked to be a co-host on stage for the event, however she didn’t think her  wish was going to be granted. Although I couldn’t be there in person, we filmed the entire  event, and I created a video where I told her and the entire audience that her wish has been granted.
It was one of the most memorable things I’ve ever been a part of and I can’t wait for her hunt   this fall where we will be spending an entire weekend hunting together and filming a great show.   I can only hope she shoots a buck of a lifetime, but either way it will be an amazing show and an  incredible experience for everyone involved.