Better Field Photos On Your Smartphone

Blind Insights is a soul perspective into the lives of waterfowlers written by published author and speaker, Jason Cruise, founder of Mission Media & Resource Group.

Even as little as 15 years ago none of us would have imagined that hunters would consider a telephone essential to their gear list on any given hunt. That day is here, but you know as well as I do that it is not really about the phone itself, but equally as much about having that camera inside that phone with you on the hunt that matters most.

JasonCruise2014Today’s smartphones have incredible cameras within them, but the problem is, the average American completely underutilizes this high powered piece of technology that goes with them every second of every day.

This week marks the second season for Blind Insights. Within the last 48 hours I returned from 5 days of filming the opening stint of duck season in Arkansas with Brian Womack at High Plains Waterfowl (

I can say with full conviction the migration is slightly thinner now, because we stomped ‘em my brother.

Gadwalls, Mallards, Pintails, Teal, Widgeons, and Shovelers fell to my new Mossberg over the last few days, and that made for plenty of pictures to capture the story and add another chapter to my journey.

Speaking of taking photos, here is a quick video we shot of simple strategies any hunter can use to elevate the quality of their field photos. I think you’ll find that what used to be rudimentary snapshots you captured on the fly are about to turn into field images that leave your friends on Facebook and Twitter commenting with envy.

Jason Cruise

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