Outback Outdoors: Big Mountain Bulls

This week’s blog comes from Co-Host of Outback Outdoors Adam Wells.  Outback Outdoors embodies the essence of western bowhunting. Each show is a cinematic short film documenting the tremendous roller coaster of highs and lows that is every archery hunter’s reality. Be sure to watch Outback Outdoors Fridays at 10PM ET.

Bow hunting and particularly archery hunting for elk is more than just a hobby for me, it’s what I live for from year to year. The 2014 archery elk season was no different, but this year was very special for me. I was invited to hunt the old ranch I had managed for seven years and for perhaps the last time, as it had just been sold to a new owner.  I knew a chapter of my life was ending, but as one chapter ends another one begins. Earlier in May of 2014 I had gotten married and my new wife was also able to join me for part of the hunt. This would be her first elk hunting experience where she would have the opportunity to gain an even greater appreciation for all the challenges, work and care that goes into the nicely wrapped packages of pure organic meat that fill our freezer every fall.Sunset

The elk hunt itself was full of many challenges, a few failures and some mistakes, but what hunt isn’t? It is those factors that lend to making success so sweet when it does all finally work out. One challenge we encountered was the time frame I could hunt was in the early season. Unfortunately the bulls were not very fired up and few new bulls moved into the area I had access to hunt. Another challenge was the rain… not just rain showers but tropical storm systems moving up from Mexico. Water and expensive camera equipment do not mix well together. It’s very hard to replace high dollar equipment on an elk guide’s wage, so when the rains came the hunting and production shut down. Calling for myself is always a challenge I enjoy, but it also puts the elk’s full attention on me.  Ideally trying to film and hunt works best if I can call and move forward but it’s not always possible, so getting drawn on a bull as he comes into the call is not always easy, as you will see in the show.thumbnail

After some great encounters and passing up a shot on a small bull, I was kicking myself. With my freezer almost empty and only one day left to hunt I had to make it happen on the last day. The pressure was on, and it was more than just getting an elk. This hunt’s success would help shape the opinion of my new wife and my ability to provide. Honestly, I think the main reason she married me was for the delicious elk meat I put in our freezer every year. With the pressure on from all sides and the bulls bugling in the early morning dawn, I dropped into a draw loaded with elk. This was my last chance to make it happen……BloodTrail


Adam Wells

Co-host Outback Outdoors

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