Calling in Graylen’s First Archery Elk Hunt

This week’s blog comes from Co-Host of Outback Outdoors Adam Wells.  Outback Outdoors embodies the essence of western bowhunting. Each show is a cinematic short film documenting the tremendous roller coaster of highs and lows that is every archery hunter’s reality. Be sure to watch Outback Outdoors Fridays at 10PM ET.

The Outback Outdoors’ team and I have been fortunate to have been a major influence in introducing Graylen to hunting. At 17 years old Graylen is quite the accomplished huntress, she has killed a fair number of elk and some very nice mature bulls at that and some great mule deer. Just prior to the elk hunt we shared together she bagged a great Stone Sheep and a Moose in British Colombia. Graylen continues to want to challenge herself in the outdoors and the next step for her was to pick up archery. Last year, in the 2013 season, Graylen bow hunted with Trevon for her first taste of the challenge and excitement of getting within bow range of a bull elk. While Trevon and Gray had a lot of fun and some great encounters, it just didn’t come together for her.OU$

This year I had the chance to take Graylen out; we had limited time, just a Saturday and a Sunday to hunt so the goal was to get Gray a bull, and it didn’t matter how big. The first morning was incredible, the first set up we had three different bulls come in to my calls, but the bull that offered the best shot was just a three point bull, in Colorado a bull elk must have at least 4 points on one side of its rack or one brow tine five inches or longer to be legal. Graylen saw it was only three points on each side and knew it wasn’t legal. Even I wasn’t sure if the bull had a five inch brow tine. She made the right call to pass even though she wasn’t going to be picky. After that first set up we put the herd of elk to bed and I knew from watching the elk and from some trail cams I had out that the elk would be up on their feet mid day so we didn’t make any more plays on the herd that morning.112

I was confident that the elk would move mid day to go water and they had been very active midday during the early part of the season as well, from where the elk bedded there were three water sources that they might go to and the day was getting hot. We set up on the water hole that allowed us to keep our scent out of the elks bedding area. Around 2:00 pm we could hear some bugles and cow calls, the elk sounded like they were headed towards our set up. But they went passed us to the next watering hole. We hiked a quick mile to get our wind right again and started making a move to get in position to call. The terrain was perfect for calling, the wind was perfect and there was much a ton of confusion amongst the elk. A perfect time and the perfect place to get the herd bull to come into a call!! Watch how the hunt unfolds.OUT2