Hard Work Pays Off

This week’s blog comes from Co-Host of Outback Outdoors Adam Wells.  Outback Outdoors embodies the essence of western bowhunting. Each show is a cinematic short film documenting the tremendous roller coaster of highs and lows that is every archery hunter’s reality. Be sure to watch Outback Outdoors Fridays at 10PM ET.

After an early season hunt in October with the Outback Outdoors team I returned to continue the hunt for my number one buck. The weather had turned cold and the rut was starting to kick in. I checked my trail cams on arrival to the property and it appeared my number one buck had disappeared while I was gone. I wasn’t sure if something happened to him like a hunter on a neighboring property had killed him or if he had just shifted his range. However, a buck I had not seen before, a heavy 10pt, moved into the same area. This new 10pt was a mature buck and I knew if he presented me a shot there would be no hesitation.OPutback 4

Dustin joined me to start filming the next morning and the first sit was very slow. Only one yearling buck was even spotted. It may have been too cold for the deer to move and it was definitely too cold to stay in the stand with zero action. I decided to leave the morning stand early, get some food, warm up and get back out as soon as we could get regrouped. Since it was early November, I knew the bucks would be on their feet at some point in the day. I decided to go to a ground blind that sat on a great funnel. This would be a great way to see some deer and for us to get out of the cold and wind. We got to the blind right about noon and the first of many bucks cruised by within minutes of setting up. Hopes were high as young buck after young buck came walking past us. At dark we still had not seen a mature deer and only one or two does. In order to get a chance at a mature buck I had to figure out where all the does had gone.

Outback 3

The cold snap seemed to have pushed the does off the green wheat they were keying on the week before and I took a guess that they were back feeding in the corn. The next morning I set up on the downwind side of a major bedding area that was next to a big irrigated corn field. First light saw a parade of does and fawns, a nice buck in the distance was chasing a doe, young bucks were cruising by and Dustin could hear a buck grunting and chasing does inside the bedding area. I had high hopes as the deer movement was great. I had found the concentration of does, the wind was perfect, heck, everything was perfect! I grunted a few times and a couple of small bucks came in, I was enjoying watching the small bucks when Dustin heard another deer running in from the opposite direction. One quick look and I knew there would be no hesitation on taking the shot. Watch the show and see how the exciting action unfolds.