Outback Outdoors: Doe Patrol

This week’s blog comes from Co-Host of Outback Outdoors Adam Wells.  Outback Outdoors embodies the essence of western bowhunting. Each show is a cinematic short film documenting the tremendous roller coaster of highs and lows that is every archery hunter’s reality. Be sure to watch Outback Outdoors Fridays at 10PM ET.

One of the things I like to do every year is have the Outback Outdoors team out at my small whitetail property. This is a small reward for everyone that works so hard to make Outback Outdoors a success. This is a win, win scenario. The property gets some much needed help in obtaining the annual doe harvest goals, the team gets to have a little fun, and they have a chance at filling their freezers. this hunt was special in the fact that two guys had never killed anything with their bows.


There is an amazing amount of work that goes into a successful whitetail hunt before picking up the bow and heading out. Starting with food plots, bedding are improvements, additional habitat improvements, monitoring trail cameras, and hanging stands… it is never ending labor of love. It was great having some help getting the last couple stands set for the season.

Since it was early in the season and we did not want to pressure the deer too much, we just hunted the evenings over food sources. I was with Dustin our Producer and Trevon was with Cody; one of our Field Producers. Dustin and I sat on a food plot where my number one buck was showing up on camera. Trevon and Cody headed to a low impact spot where a lot of does were feeding. The evening saw good deer movement and both groups had success in harvesting a few does. Dustin was able to get some awesome footage of a doe that I shot in slow motion. It is amazing how much a deer can move after the bow goes off. Dustin then got his chance on a doe and made a great shot. In the meantime, Trevon and Cody also had some great action seeing Cody take his first animal with a bow as well. For me, seeing these guys have success and putting meat in their freezers is much more fulfilling than any personal success I may have in the field.


Later in the season, with the rut getting closer and buck movement picking up, I was able to get nack out to the ranch with Kyle, also an Outback Outdoors Field Producer. On this trip, we were focusing our efforts on my number one buck. I also wanted Kyle to have a chance to take some does as well. it was excited and fun for me to see Kyle double up on two does in one evening. I had some great hunts passing on younger bucks as the rut was picking up. Management of the deer herd is an adventure in its self as well as a lot of fun.