Coastal Ducks with Country legend Gary P. Nunn – Outdoor Troubadours

Outdoor Troubadours is a fast paced high energy show, hosted by John Hilgers that combines live music with the outdoor experience.  The viewer will join John and a guest star on their own personal hunting adventureBe sure to watch Outdoor Troubadours Wednesdays at 11:00PM ET, Mondays at 11:30AM ET, & Saturdays at 5:30PM ET.

This episode of Outdoor Troubadours is extremely special.  On this coastal waterfowl hunt at the famous Falcon Point Ranch we will be joined by Texas Country Music icon Gary P Nunn.  Gary, aside from being one of my musical heroes, is one of the men that shaped the Texas Country Music scene.  He has played with and written songs for the likes of Willie Nelson and Jerry Jeff Walker.  He has been playing music as a career for 6 decades and let me tell you he still has his fastball!  His tour schedule still includes upwards of 200 shows per year.  It is not everyday you get to meet somebody that made the records you grew up listening to as a child so I was a bit nervous.  We arrived at Falcon Point in the late afternoon and Carl, our ranch liaison, welcomed us to this beautiful 6,000 acre ranch.  We immediately jumped into the blind that evening but the only thing we saw/ heard was a huge flock of sandhill cranes.


Day one of the hunt. After an amazing breakfast spread at the lodge we got geared up with our waders, shotguns, and ammo and headed out around 5am.  The hunting was slow all morning and the ducks were flying high.  Bluebird sky is the last thing you want when your duck hunting.  We made the most of what came into gun range however, and ended the day with 6 quackers total.


Day 2 was similar but this time I woke up early with one of my camera men and we decided that the offer of a pig/ deer was just too good to pass up.  We headed out while the rest of the group got set up in the duck blind.  I put a stalk on a great management whitetail spike and my Sauer 101 sent one his way.  Once we got him tagged out and gutted we headed straight to the duck blind.  Gary says, “This morning’s been been slow as well. These old birds are giving us the slip”  These guides are amazing at Falcon Point Ranch and they are trying everything from switching the decoys to moving to a whole new blind set up so the lack of ducks was not on them. The only 3 things that are beyond all of our control are the game, the light, and the weather.  Killing ducks is not the only thing Outdoor Troubadours is about. We are here to experience the outdoors and make memories.  In this we were very successful!  We ended that day with another 5 birds but what a time! I will definitely be booking another hunt at Falcon Point Ranch!  This place was amazing. It was just as much an ocean front resort as it was an outfitter.


The last night of the hunt we sat down and he told us the inspiration behind some of the hit songs he’d written like London Homesick Blues, and What I like about Texas.  I felt like a kid hanging on to every word.  He than proceeded to pick those songs by the fire and we got the chance to sit and just be fans.  The hunt came to an end and like any true superstar, with a sharpie in hand, he handed out gifts to the whole staff of the outfitter and the crew. I wonder if Gary will ever know how special this time with him was for the OT crew, but we sure did try to tell him.


We followed him from the outfitter to the world famous Luckenbach Dancehall for his annual “Very Gary Christmas Show.”  From start to finish his energy never wavered and as folks slid their boots and twirled their ladies across the old boards of the dance hall he just looked down and smiled graciously.  After his performance he spent another hour taking pictures and talking to his fans.  They truly broke the mold with Gary P Nunn.