South Texas with Sam Riggs

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It is 99 degrees. We are loaded up to head to South Texas for opening day of Whitetail season.  Myself and my crew couldn’t be more excited to be joined by one of my favorite up and coming artists, Sam Riggs.  Sam tells me he wants to grab a bow and loose an arrow on a big south Texas buck.  Not many artists have been willing to come on the show and bow hunt. Of course we obliged him.  I have never been to this ranch before but South Texas means tough terrain and hard hunting.

OT 1

It also means oil country and the numberless sentinels of south Texas; pumpjacks.  Over the past 5 years Texas has seen an oil boom that has brought frac workers and pump crews to nearly every ranch south of the Atascosa river.  The 6,000 acres of the Lost River Ranch just outside of Cotulla Texas is no exception.  I haven’t hunted in

South Texas since this boom happened so I am curious to see how all of this affects the deer movement.

On the way out to start filming the episode we got lost for 3 hours. Any oil worker would confirm that cell reception is spotty at best. Finally, our guides happen upon us and lead us to Lost River Ranch. We have one day to hunt before our guest-star, Sam, arrives. Finally, I’m feeling like we are all set. But sure enough, one thing was overlooked.


The outfitters did forget to tell us one thing. There are gnats EVERYWHERE. The second we stepped out in a ground blind they found us.  They were in our eyes, ears, nose and mouth.  They actually have a kind of bitter sweetness if you accidentally chew on one. The gnats were determined to spoil my dinner.  But anyway, back to the hunt.  It is day two and Sam got just as lost as we did. No surprise there. Luckily we were able to recover the rock star and get him camoed up.  After a quick practice session with primitive weapons master and south Texas legend, Buck Medley, we got after it.


We all hunted hard but no shooters presented themselves. We decided to make the most of our time however. We set out to chase the most prevalent species at the Lost River Ranch. Rabbits and snakes! We didn’t walk away with much, but Outdoor Troubadours is in and of itself a gift. Watching Sam pick around the fire makes all the stress and work of producing television take a back seat, if only for a minute. Oh yeah, and then seeing his jaw dropping live performance wasn’t so bad either. Man, now that I think about it, getting lost and eating gnats isn’t so bad.  This episode was a perfect example of what hunting is really about.  Getting together with friends and having a great time!

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