Catching Fish Fever By Spring Cleaning

Is your spring cleaning done? When I think of spring cleaning, going through my fishing gear is first on the list and is sometimes where spring cleaning ends as my fish fever rises with the warmer weather.

I blame this on living in the midwest. It’s usually been a long winter, so my cabin fever begins in March. In fact, cabin fever’s at its highest for me during March and continues to rise until that first fishing trip without an ice auger.


Though I have other tackle boxes, this one’s my go-to. It’s small enough to be mobile, yet large enough to hold an assortment of fishing tackle.


These early days of spring have me preparing my fishing gear for the summer. It’s time to pack away the auger and tip-ups in favor of plastic frogs and buzzbaits. It’s also time to think of what lakes I want to try before summer’s end.

Each spring I check my supply of hooks, sinkers, jig heads, and the amount of line on my reels. Usually I replace line on all my reels during this spring cleaning phase.



Going through my tackle box is like therapy as I see topwater plugs like the Jitter Bug, Rapalas and crankbaits.


There’s just something soothing about going through my tackle box, it’s like therapy because it reminds me how much I enjoy fishing. And here’s why:

I imagine feeling a strike, hearing the drag, and reeling in the first catch of the day. This feeling comes from within and lingers all-year-long. You ever get this too? Just the urge to take-off and start fishing?


“Going through my fishing tackle box opens up spring fever. Add on the warm weather and every day I have the itch to cast a few.”

I start thinking about where I’ll be fishing this summer and all the memories that lay ahead from another spring and summer of fishing.

It’s the freedom of taking that first cast of a fishing trip at a lake of my choice. Just being able to choose where to fish is a great freedom we all enjoy.

Looking at lures in my tackle box, I remember the fish I’ve caught with them, where I was, and, friends and family I’ve fished with. It’s a rich sense of enjoying the simple things in life and the natural scenery.

Yea, going through my tackle box is my favorite part about spring, along with the weather getting warmer. All this feeds my addiction to fishing, and, maybe, yours too!

Why do you like fishing? Any memories come to mind as you go through your tackle box? What fishing gear do you go through as you’re spring cleaning?