23 Signs You’re Addicted to Fishing

By Josh Schwartz

We catch a buzz thinking about fishing and we embrace your fishing addiction, in fact we have a fishing addiction too! 

1. You bring your kayak to work and it stays in your truck, so you’re always prepared.


2. Your fishing gear stays in your vehicle.

3. One more cast means one more cast in every direction, so, 10 or more casts.


4. You squeeze in fishing before work and/or on lunch break.

5. You believe the only rehab for fishing is … more fishing!

6. You’ve brought your boat to work, to fish after work.


7. While grocery shopping at Wal-Mart you walk out with fishing gear instead.

8. You find yourself looking for the sporting good section at stores.

9. When you see a pond you think, “there’s gotta be bass in there.”

10. The word “bass” isn’t the subs in a car, it’s the fish.


11. You favor gas stations that sell bait, and know which gas stations sell bait in a 5 mile radius of your house.

12. You’ve got 99 problems but fishing gear’s not any of them.


13. You cringe when you hear, “birds nest.”

14. Opening day means fishing, not baseball.

15. You mow your lawn at night so you have more daylight for fishing.

16. You name your first two kids Gill and Fin.

17. You have more fishing poles than socks.

18. You’re asked, “Why do you have so many fishing poles?”

19. Every lens you own is polarized.

20. You know ‘walking the dog’ doesn’t require a leash, nor a dog!

21. You have more pictures of your trophy catches on your desk than of family.

22. The local tackle shop knows you by name.

23. All your selfies have fish in them.


Can you add to our list? Write in the comments! 


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