5 Favorite Topwater Baits

by Josh Schwartz

5 Favorite Topwater Baits

Topwater fishing is an adrenaline rush and you may already be thinking of your favorite topwater lure. It’s that anxious feeling of knowing at any moment you’ll see an explosive strike that makes topwater fishing so darn fun.

Luckily, there’s an abundance of topwater baits to choose from and it’s good to have a variety in your tackle box to use different techniques. Here’s our 5 favorite topwater baits, we’ll start with a classic and end with a classic.

5 Favorite Topwater Baits - Jitterbug

The Arbogast Jitterbug is a classic topwater bait. Steadily reel it in as the suspense builds towards an explosive strike. A great choice for the night bite.


5 Favorite Top Water Lures - popper

The popper is a versatile topwater lure, walking the dog, chugging, popping and letting it sit, and more, you can try different retrieves until a fish reacts!


5 favorite topwater baits - frog

A great weedless option, there’s a tremendous selection of effective frog baits to choose from. Pictured here is a soft plastic option. Using soft plastic frogs as this one, allow you to use the size hook you prefer. Using monofilament line will help keep the frog on the surface.


5 Favorite Topwater Baits - buzzbait

This bait does a great job annoying bass and northern into striking, and when they do it’s one of the most exciting strikes to watch. Another great option if you’re fishing weedy areas. It’s best to start the reeling just before the lure hits the water and continue to reel quickly to keep the blades spinning and water churning.


5 Favorite Topwater Baits - Torpedo

The Heddon Torpedo is another classic topwater lure.  Short, quick twitches get the prop turning entice fish to strike. Also can be reeled with a slow/steady stop-in-go retrieve.


We all probably have heard this, yet it’s a good reminder: wait until you feel weight, then set the hook. It sounds easier than it is because it’s a natural reaction to set the hook when you see the strike.

Now, we want to know: what’s your favorite topwater baits?