DIY Montana Mule Deer Hunt

The Boddington Experience follows veteran outdoor writer, television personality, and international hunter Craig Boddington & family in exciting destinations both close to home and around the globe! Today’s blog features Erin Throckmorton’s experience helping Brittany Boddington on her first mule deer hunt in Montana.  Be sure to tune in for The Boddington Experience Tuesdays at 7:00PM ET to watch this rewarding DIY hunt. 

My name is Erin Throckmorton. I am a 4th generation Montanan who grew up on a horse ranch in the small town of Belt, Montana. I began hunting and fishing with my parents at a very young age. Big game hunting soon became a passion of mine; it’s as big of part of who I am today. I’ve been able to continue this family tradition, and have been hunting and fishing with my two boys, Bryce and Cameron, for over 16 years now. We’ve been on hunts for elk, deer, moose, mountain goat, bighorn sheep, pronghorn, bear, and even hunted in Africa. It’s a way of life for us.


Brittany Boddington glassing the Montana countryside on her hunt for her first mule deer.


I was asked to help with a mule deer hunt with Brittany Boddington, for her show The Boddington Experience, by the show’s producer, Conrad Evarts. He and I have been friends for a while and he knew that my knowledge of mule deer hunting would be beneficial. The rut was in full swing, we had just had a fresh blanket of new snow, and the temperatures were down around -12 below zero. Everything was set up for a perfect hunt.

I took Brittany to a spot that has frequently held good mule deer numbers. She and I looked over the country and I told her that I felt her best bet was to hike up a small ridge and still hunt the pockets of scattered timber. I felt if she kept the wind in her face and moved slowly, she would be successful.


I waited in the truck, glassing the sage brush bottoms, while Brittany hunted. The deer movement was good with the cold temperatures, and I glassed quite a few mule deer, but couldn’t locate any bucks with any size to them. It was only about 90 minutes later when Brittany showed up at the truck. I could tell from the smile on her face she was successful.

She led me up a ridge and took me to the buck she had shot. It was a GREAT buck. 4×4, and 27” wide. An incredible deer, especially for her first mule deer ever. We took some pictures, gutted it out, and dragged it back to the truck. We headed back towards town to have the deer checked with the local game check station. On the way into town, we were pleasantly surprised to see a bunch of big horn sheep down from the cliffs. We watched them and photographed them for a while.


Hunting days like this don’t happen very often and I was happy to be a part of it.