From Cable Access to ALIVE

Today’s blog features Razor Dobbs speaking about the beginning of his career path, working for Ted Nugent and how his prayers for producing Razor Dobbs ALIVE are answered to this day. Be sure to watch Razor Dobbs Alive Sundays 10:30PM ET.

For months now I have been rippin’ through hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of hunting footage from 2014. It’s mind boggling. One thing is for sure, I’m grateful as hell that I get to hunt so much and produce RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE. It’s a dream. No. It’s prayers come true.

So, I’m going through all of this footage and putting it together to make 13 episodes of RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE on Sportsman Channel. I edit my own show, create the promo material, work with sponsors and… pray. It’s a great job. No. It’s not a job; it’s a gift. Even after 7 years, I have not forgotten that.

Ted Nugent Razor Dobbs

Way back in my college days I was a gutpile addict, obsessed with hunting – completely crazed. I produced a hunting show called RAZOR DOBBS OUTDOORS ALIVE. It was really rough and totally off-the-wall.  It aired on public access TV and was a riot to watch. I didn’t get paid.  I didn’t get “free” hunts or gear. I just did it on my own time and my own dime and because I wanted to.  I haven’t watched one of those episodes in nearly 16 years.  I’m scared to death too!  I was so full of energy then and I’d hate to see if I lost any spunk.  Back during that time is when I learned to edit.  But I didn’t have the hi-tech digital editing system.  Heck no. I was doing it old school on video tape on an old, run-down machine.

Crazy how the shows all came together, but they did. I did learn to edit but not from a teacher.  It was trial and error. Mostly error. I didn’t do the show for a class project. I did it on my own. I had to beg to use the editing equipment and I then I had to figure out the production process all myself. At the time I was taking 18 hours of college, working selling print advertising, doing a radio show and writing for the paper. Plus, I had a girlfriend (which was a miracle.)  I was totally overloaded but I was so full of ideas, dreams and defiance that I was empowered. Those were some of the most exciting times of my life!

After I graduated from Texas Tech University I went to work for Ted Nugent. Ted didn’t have a TV show then so my life was full of Nugent music tours, TNUSA office work, his magazine, product catalog and trying to keep up with the super human himself – Ted Nugent. Jeez. I don’t know how he keeps the pace he did/does.  Truly, remarkable! I remember Ted telling me as we stepped on the tour bus (my first tour) he said, “Razor. You’re gonna learn more working for me than you ever did in college.” He was right. But that’s another story I’ll cover in another post.

Years later, after my Nugent days, I produced my first hunting DVD called “ALIVE IN AFRICA.” Soon after that, I found myself working as a professional free-lance field producer and cameraman for American Trophy Hunters TV show (and others.) I hooked up with one of the masters of television story telling, editing and cinematography, Brian Hawkins. He took me in and trained me how to film and edit on an entirely new level. It was incredible. I soaked it all in big time. I was a sponge. Obsessed. Crazed. When Hawkins and I were not filming and editing we were hunting and talking about filming and editing. Equipment, locations, show treatments, techniques, movies, commercials, documentaries, women, hunting, etc., etc. My editing and shooting skills escalated. I was in my element. I was in tune with what God wanted me to do: hunting and television production. Then, I knew it was time for my dream to come to fruition. I had to produce my own show – RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE.  It would be a HUGE financial and career risk, but not to go for it would have eaten me up ALIVE (excuse the pun).

Hawkins and I wrote the pilot episode. Hawkins and my other professional photographer friends shot the show and I edited the pilot. Perfect. I was surrounded by some of the best television production people in the business – close friends – and (if I pay them!) they would help me. The pilot episode went off better than I had dreamed. I was flippin’ out and ready to try to get things to the next stage. Over the course of 2 years, I had some ups and downs and sleepless nights. Getting the a series  on national television is a big deal, huge risk, but I finally got there. The details are for another time, but I will say this much: Fear should be classed as steeling. It will rob you of your dreams and desires. Unless you can find your way through fear you will never succeed.  But that’s for another story.

Anyway, that was years ago and now the RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE series has grown leaps and bounds and (excuse the pun) is ALIVE. What a dream! I have different professional camera guys now and Hawkins is working on numerous other projects, but I still edit, write and host RAZOR DOBBS ALIVE. It’s mind blowing for a guy that was once editing on an old video tape machine and airing on cable access. Holly cow! Again, it’s truly a prayer come true and I’m very grateful. So, as my eyes bleed from watching the computer screen for months on end and I’m caffeined out of my skull, I don’t complain. No. What I do is say a prayer of thanks. Thanks for walking me through the fear and directing me to where I need to be.

Everyone has dreams.  It may not be producing a TV show, but it’s something.  If your not living your dream – your true hearts desire – ask yourself “why?”.  Write the answers down on a paper. Review it. Review it HONESTLY. Then ask yourself if it’s really fear that’s holding you back and keeping you down.  I’ll tell you straight from experience: Nothing is impossible unless we believe it is. Pray and go wild.  -Razor



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