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Today’s blog features Razor Dobbs speaking about lion hunting and how money for lion hunts is used. Hunting is conservation. Be sure to watch Razor Dobbs Alive Sundays 10:30PM ET.

I hunted and killed this lion in Zimbabwe in 2012. The area we were hunting in (almost a million acres) had/has a full scale lion research program. I met with some of the researchers while I was on the two week hunt. They supported hunting the surplus lions via a quota system. The researchers I visited with live in reality and know that lions are not cartoon characters. You manage lions the same as you manage kudu.

If it was not legal for hunters to hunt the lions the lion killing would still go on – via the game department and tax dollars – in order to sustain a healthy population. Since surplus lions were going to be killed every year ANYWAY it made TOTAL sense to sell the hunts to hunters on a surplus quota system because the $50,000 plus price tag per male lion hunt would support the anti poaching teams and keep the wild ground wild so it will not turn it into a cattle ranch, farm, etc.

So, on my hunt, we baited and hunted for almost 10 days before I shot this lion on a stalk. Every part of this lion was utilized…just like ALL the animals that are hunted and killed by hunters. The THOUSANDS of dollars I spent on this hunt ensures the lions will always live free and wild.


The money I spent/spend (along with all the other hunters) pays for the anti poaching programs, etc. etc.. And more importantly, via legal hunting, the lion now has value – like it or not, in todays world if something doesn’t have $value it goes away. That’s the truth. If you really want to save lions – hunt.

-Razor Dobbs


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